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The best applications to read books and from where to download them

«He opened his book on the page he had marked and continued with the reading he had paused the night before, just when the dream was determined to close his eyes and cloud his ability to understand. The plot continued to rise until an unexpected outcome, the kind of plot that catches you hopelessly until you realize that the hours went by like a mere handful of minutes. He looked up from his cell phone, counted the stops and discovered with disgust that he had spent his«.

Books not only entertain us, they also teach us, they allow us to travel to remote places without leaving our room, they enrich our lives and also our knowledge. Time also passes by them since they stopped being exclusive of the paper for make the jump to the screens, also the mobile.

Do you usually read books on mobile? There are many applications that allow reading through the smartphone screen, but not all of them offer the quality that the best pages deserve. So, since today is the day of the book, we have set out to collect our favorite applications for read any volume from mobile. They are the following.


The best applications to read books and where to download them

If you have Android experience, it sure sounds like you Aldiko, one of our favorite applications of all time to read books on mobile. This reading app has evolved over time to the three current versions; of which we recommend the most recent, Aldiko 3.0.

The application allows you to open all kinds of books in EPUB and PDF. It offers a multitude of text layout tools, it is compatible with DRM-protected books, it allows you to underline and take notes… In short, it is a very good tool to categorize your library on your smartphone and read all your volumes from your mobile.

You can download the latest version of Aldiko from the following link to the Google Play Store. It offers ads and in-app purchases to have the reading application as clean as possible.


The best applications to read books and where to download them

An excellent e-book reader that offers endless functions applied to the reading of all types of ebooks. It is also compatible with many reading formats and allows you to layout the text, expand it or apply clippings, all with an extremely simple and very customizable interface. Also something rustic, why not say it.

FBReader It includes various color modes that favor night reading, it has a browser with download manager so you can add new books easily, it has a library with all your titles downloaded, you can use the integrated dictionaries if you ever get stuck with a word … Anyway, that is a safe choice if you look to read your e-books anywhere. In addition, you can expand your possibilities through plugins, as the always welcome file compatibility CBR.

This is a free reading application that offers ads as a means of subsidy. You can download it from the Google Play Store.

Amazon Kindle

The best applications to read books and where to download them

It is a must, especially if you usually buy books in Amazon or you use the Unlimited service of the store. It does not have endless reading and layout options, but it does facilitate reading on all types of mobile screens without having to worry about controls and with the library always in the cloud.

The app of Amazon Kindle You need an Amazon account, this is an essential requirement. The application has access to the entire catalog purchased in the account and also allows you to read PDF books or convert them to the Kindle format by sharing them directly with the service. For all these possibilities, the Amazon Kindle app is one of our essentials for reading books.

You can download Amazon Kindle from Google Play. Its use is free, access according to which Amazon books are not.

With the three previous applications you have the best way to read e-books on your Android mobile or tablet. Each option includes free books (FBReader gives access to Feedbooks, for example), but then we will give you the best addresses to download many more books. All are legal and DRM free.

The best applications to read books and from where to download them
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