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The best alternatives to WhatsApp (which will have advertising in 2020)

Although WhatsApp was quite transgressive in its origins, recently its managers surprised us with the decision to include advertising on the platform, the one that connects more people worldwide, and in Spain. Moreover, its founders, Jan Koum and Brian Acton, found this kind of practice in bad taste. Of course, that was before Facebook engulfs this messaging service and begin to consider the possibility of showing ads, an action that will finally be implemented in 2020, as announced by its managers at the Facebook Marketing Summit 2019 in Rotterdam. Luckily for you, here we show you the best alternatives to Whatsapp, in case you want to migrate before the company finishes moving to the dark side.

In principle, the first phase of the operation It was planned for this year, but not until next time we will have to start worrying.

The best alternatives to Whatsapp

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We know you have taken your old messenger application with love, but there are other solutions just as functional in your App Store.

Telegram: the first option

While it is true that Telegram does not have as many users as Whatsapp (specifically 8 times less), it is the most complete instant messenger application. In terms of security, it is the most reliable service. In fact, impregnable conversations can be created whose messages destroy themselves after a while.

In addition, it is the fastest application. Also one of the most collective, since it allows to create groups of up to 200,000 users. To top it off, it offers the possibility to share files no matter what format they have.

Facebook Messenger

Ok, it's also from Facebook, but you can do the same thing you do with WhatsApp without having to watch ads, at least for now. It's basically Facebook chat, which some time ago became independent of the app Facebook (in the opinion of many users an unnecessary nuisance). Anyway, it is a viable alternative and has some very interesting features, such as use without knowing the phone number or the dark mode. It also allows you to enjoy mini-games and share them with our contacts.


What makes LINE a unique alternative is that it offers the possibility of sending surveys to evaluate the opinion of our contacts in relation to any matter. In turn, you have the option of call non-network phone numbers at a great price, even on international calls.


Another magnificent option, in this case of Chinese origin. In this network you can create Stories that remain active for 24 hours, exactly the same as in Instragram. In addition, you have the option to share games and news from official accounts. And best of all, it boasts a system to make payments between contacts That will come to you with pearls when everyone pays their own. It is possible to associate a PayPal account to carry out monetary exchanges.

A small disadvantage with respect to Whatsapp is that it does not allow you to record audio messages of more than 1 minute, something that you will end up hating or what you will have to get used to.


If you have a predilection for security, Signal, like Telegram, allows you to program the expiration of messages, which are protected by end-to-end encryption. It is worth noting that it is the app recommended by Edward Snowden, the deep throat of our era that leaked the NSA spy protocols. References to part, the most particular thing about this application is that it is about a code solution open.

It has a different interface to WhatsApp, but it does more or less the same. Except for the reliability of your encryption, you will not find many more differences. However, when it comes to security, the next alternative takes the palm, since it applies an extra layer of protection so that nobody, nobody, can read your data.


We are facing the only application of this type that hides messages even on the screen, so you have to press them to reveal their content. Otherwise, they are covered by a gray bar. Its encryption is extremely reliable, and the information, after having passed through its servers for distribution, is deleted from time to time. Thus the footprint of each user is perishable.

It allows, like the other applications, to communicate with other contacts, share files, collective conversations and any other content that can be registered by the device where the device is installed. app.

Although it does not have many users, its popularity is increasing, especially among those who truly value their privacy. If you have tried Telegram, Confide may disappoint you a bit in operational terms, but a safety step goes one step further.

So far came our review of the best alternatives to Whatsapp. Now that the most demanded messenger service in the world threatens to show you publicity, you should have some extra bullets in the bedroom.