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The best alternatives to Mario Kart Tour for your iPhone

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One of the most anticipated games of this year is Mario Kart Tour, its launch has been delayed and Nintendo must launch it before the end of the year. As we know that the wait can be hard today we will bring you the best alternatives to Mario Kart for your iPhone and iPad.

In the App Store we have several racing games that will make the wait not so long, these are the 5 best alternatives to those that you can already play on your iPhone or iPad.

Beach Buggy Racing 2

Beach Buggy Racing 2 is the game that is closest to Mario Kart, both at the level of the graphics and their way of playing. In addition, the first generation was so successful that they have launched a second version with many interesting news.

In Beach Buggy Racing 2 we have new cars, new enhancers, new game modes and greater customization. It is certainly the game you must download if you want a real alternative to Marion Kart.

Go Kart GO!

Another of the most similar games to Mario Kart that we can find in the App Store and its downloads guarantee it. As happens in the well-known game of Nintendo, we will go finding objects through the different circuits that we can use to win the race.

LoL Kart

With LoL Kart maybe the graphics are the least important, with a very particular aesthetic You can enjoy really fun races. We can choose between different characters that parody other more popular, such as Super Fabio, Prison Brake or Speeder Man.


With MiniDrivers we will become Little Formula 1 drivers and we will star in very funny races. As in Mario Kart we have different actions with which we can advance as Freeze-o-Kimi or launch a boomerang. A very crazy and fun game.

Angry Birds GO!

Probably the alternative with more popularity of all be the one of the well-known saga of the birds of Rovio. Angry Birds GO! he takes the famous birds and puts them in race cars, however his style is not so similar to Mario Kart's. You also have to keep in mind that somewhere. reason the game has stopped being available in some App Store of certain countries.

These are the best alternatives that we can find today in the App Store to Mario Kart, a highly anticipated game that is already in beta and hopefully will be released very soon. Meanwhile you can play these fun games or other recently released by Nintendo as Dr. Mario.