The 15 best role-playing games for Android that you can enjoy while traveling

The 15 best role-playing games for Android that you can enjoy while traveling

If you've been looking for some amazing role-playing games but don't have time to play on your desktop or laptop, you'll love this list. We are here to tell you about some of the most amazing and entertaining role-playing games available on Android that you can play anywhere. Taking the train to work? No problem! Stuck in the elevator? Amazing! You can play these great games anywhere and anywhere because your Android device is your new RPG machine. Below are the 15 best role-playing games for Android:

Note: The games on this list are not mentioned in any particular order since each game offers something unique that serves to differentiate it from the rest.

The best role-playing games for Android

1. Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition

Experience the vast world of Final Fantasy XV on your Android smart phone with Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition, a great action RPG optimized for touch screen devices. The Android game offers an abbreviated version of Final Fantasy XV, eliminating some features of the original, including the open world, and adding a couple of unique side quests such as treasure hunt and search quests. However, the plot line remains the same, as does music and voice acting. The changes are also quite evident in the front of the graphics, with the mobile RPG opting for 'chibi' style graphics that require less resources. Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition has been divided into 10 chapters, with the first chapter available for free and all the following chapters available for purchase from the game.

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2. Eternio

Eternium is another great action role-playing game that you can play on your Android device, and offers almost all the features that you will commonly find in other games of the genre. In the game, you can play as a wizard, warrior or bounty hunter and handle several different weapons and abilities to shoot down skeletons, zombies, demons and other monsters. Eternium presents three exceptionally designed worlds that you can explore along with your partner, which you must first rescue as part of the main story. In addition to that, the game also features a value-proof game mode that offers randomly generated levels that you can play once you're done with the main line of the story. However, the best part of Eternium is that you can play the entire game offline, just connecting to the Internet to download game resources and updates when they are available.

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3. Kai Chronicles

If you've never played in an old school, choose your own adventure role-playing game, then you should try Kai Chronicles. Based on Joe Dever's Lone Wolf book series, the game gives players the opportunity to be part of the narrative and influence the course of the actions with the decisions they make. Kai Chronicles presents all the original illustrations and the writing of the original books, which allows you to take the role of a Kai warrior who is in a search to save the kingdom from an invading horde. The game relies heavily on the decisions a player makes, giving them complete freedom to assume or abandon missions as they see fit. Combat, like the oldest RPG titles, is completely dice-based and bad luck can make you come back to the beginning. Good warning, Kai Chronicles is not for those of you who don't like to read.

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4. Reigns: Game of Thrones.

Reigns: Game of Thrones is a simple card-based role-playing game that is in the same universe as the popular television series, allowing you to assume the role of one of the popular characters in the series. Then, the game presents a narrative and questions (in the form of cards) related to that narrative, along with two options. You can choose one of the available options, but it is better if you think about it because your decisions will have their consequences. Each card indicates in general what effect your choice will have, but does not specify exactly what will happen. All elections will have an impact on four factors: military strength, religious favor, domestic popularity and the wealth of the state, so choose wisely.