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Sony Xperia Tablet Z2: Analysis and experience of use

The MWC 2014 was chosen by the great Asian manufacturer Sony to announce to the world its new flagship and although making less noise, its new top-of-the-range tablet, the Xperia Tablet Z2, was also presented. The Sony Xperia Z2 has already passed through our hands and now it is the turn of its 10-inch version.

Sony is famous for launching high-quality terminals and betting on the latest innovations, both software and hardware. We can see this clearly in the Xperia Tablet Z2 since it has incredible benefits and also, a well optimized software although with its small failures. And of course, it boasts one of the biggest attractions, the waterproof and with the possibility of being able to submerge. An all-terrain tablet.

There is no doubt that the Xperia Tablet Z2 is willing to compete directly with other manufacturers with top-of-the-range tablets, with the Nexus range offering more power and, above all, with the iPad.

Components and technical specifications

xperia-tablet-z2-27 "src =" "width =" 680 "height = "453" srcset = " 680w, -content / uploads / 2014/06 / xperia-tablet-z2-27-400x266.jpg 400w, jpg 800w "sizes =" (max-width: 680px) 100vw, 680px "/></p><p>The new Sony tablet has incredible features that will provide you with a more than satisfactory experience when using it. It has a large part of the components included in the Xperia Z2 but yes, under a <strong>bigger screen</strong> and a camera not so good. Anyway, who needs a good camera on a tablet?</p><p>We have a quad-core processor <strong>Snapdragon 801 at 2.3GHz</strong>, a GPU capable of supporting the most powerful games such as the <strong>Adreno 330</strong> and one <strong>memory</strong> <strong>3GB RAM</strong>. As for storage, we will have <strong>16 GB</strong> with the possibility of <strong>expand them by micro SD card</strong>, so we will never run out of space.</p><p>All these components are under one screen <strong>IPS FullHD</strong> with a pixel density of <strong>244ppp</strong>. In addition, it incorporates a camera that is not comparable to the one mounted on the Xperia Z2 but in good light conditions we can take good pictures. Of course, by not having flash, at night forget about the camera. It has one on the back and also one on the front with 1080p resolution for video calls.</p><p>We usually have a brown beast in terms of performance and that along with its chocolate heart, we will have a good use experience. Then we leave all its features in a more detailed and complete way:</p><ul><li>Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 Quad-Core 2.3GHz processor</li><li>Adreno 330 graphics card</li><li>3GB RAM</li><li>10.1-inch Full HD IPS screen with a resolution of 1920x1200p and 244dpi</li><li>6,000 mAh battery</li><li>8.1 MP camera with Exmor RS sensor and 2.2MP front camera. Both record video at 1080p</li><li>Storage up to 16GB with microSD card slot</li><li>Android 4.4.2</li><li>GLONASS, Xperia Link, NFC, Bluetooth 4.0, WiFi, Throw, Screen mirroring and TV side view</li><li>3G / LTE connectivity in all bands</li><li>FM Radio</li></ul><p>Benefits worthy of a top of the range and demonstrating that tablets can also boast good components to further bring the experience of a computer inside a tablet to users.</p><h2>Design and construction</h2><p style=xperia-tablet-z2-23 "src =" "width =" 680 "height = "453" srcset = " 680w, -content / uploads / 2014/06 / xperia-tablet-z2-23-400x266.jpg 400w, jpg 800w "sizes =" (max-width: 680px) 100vw, 680px "/></p><p>For me personally, this is the strongest point that the Xperia Tablet Z2 has. A <strong>impeccable design</strong> and that I personally loved it. Despite having a body made of plastic, the touch when we have it in our hands is quite good, I would risk saying that it looks like leather, something difficult to explain.</p><p>The edges are made of the same plastic as the back but with an important detail that should be highlighted, the presence of <strong>aluminum</strong>. The device has placed on its four sides aluminum sheets that provide more quality when it comes to grabbing it. In addition, the unlock button and the volume control are also made of aluminum. In my opinion, the fact of opting for plastic for the corners of the tablet seems to me to be a correct decision, without a doubt it is where they usually take blows and we all know that plastic resists them better.</p><p style=xperia-tablet-z2-22 "src =" "width =" 680 "height = "453" srcset = " 680w, -content / uploads / 2014/06 / xperia-tablet-z2-22-400x266.jpg 400w, jpg 800w "sizes =" (max-width: 680px) 100vw, 680px "/></p><p>Clarify that these edges protrude a little for the simple reason that they are as a pond to protect the device when we submerge it, since the tablet has a protocol<strong> IP 55 </strong>and<strong> IP 58</strong>. As the last data, the tablet is chassis <strong>unibody</strong> So, as we are used to in most of the tablets, we will not be able to change the battery, although with the good autonomy it has it is not necessary.</p><p>Something that has left me very surprised is its thickness, being <strong>6.4mm</strong>, the advantages of resorting to a unibody body. In general, we will have a tablet with some <strong>dimensions of 172 x 266 x 6.4 mm</strong></p><p style=xperia-tablet-z2-25 "src =" "width =" 680 "height = "453" srcset = " 680w, -content / uploads / 2014/06 / xperia-tablet-z2-25-400x266.jpg 400w, jpg 800w "sizes =" (max-width: 680px) 100vw, 680px "/></p><p>In short and giving a full review of the tablet we find the unlock button and the volume control in the left frame leaving the right side completely naked. At the bottom we have the port<strong> 3.5mm jack</strong> and the entrance to the <strong>load in the dock</strong>. And finally in the upper frame, we have two slots that we must remove, one to insert a microSD card (and SIM card in case we opt for the LTE version) and the port <strong>microUSB</strong> for loading and data transfer. Finally, at the top we have a microphone and infrared to connect it to our TV.</p><p>Finally, as for the screen, it has black frames with the manufacturer's logo in aluminum and just on the opposite side, we have <strong>notifications led</strong>. For me, the incorporation of a notification LED is essential, both for smartphones and tablets. Of course we will have a front camera for video calls or also for the occasional selfie.</p><p style=xperia-tablet-z2-41 "src =" "width =" 680 "height = "453" srcset = " 680w, -content / uploads / 2014/06 / xperia-tablet-z2-41-400x266.jpg 400w, jpg 800w "sizes =" (max-width: 680px) 100vw, 680px "/></p><p>Without a doubt, what surprised me most when taking this tablet with my own hands is the light weight it has, being barely <strong>426g</strong> (<strong>439g</strong> the version with LTE). The fact of having pronounced edges that facilitate the subjection and the reduced weight of the one that it presumes makes that to handle this 10-inch tablet is not a real torture nor a work worthy of weightlifting.</p><p>I already said it when I started talking about design and that is that for me this is the strongest point that this Sony tablet has, its benefits are also important but this point has captivated me.</p><h2>screen</h2><p style=xperia-tablet-z2-30 "src =" "width =" 680 "height = "453" srcset = " 680w, -content / uploads / 2014/06 / xperia-tablet-z2-30-400x266.jpg 400w, jpg 800w "sizes =" (max-width: 680px) 100vw, 680px "/></p><p>We arrive at one of the most important points when talking about a tablet, the screen. We have already named certain screen specifications before but we repeat them. We have a screen <strong>10.1-inch Full HD IPS with 244 ppi</strong>. But now we will go further in terms of screen performance.</p><p>We have a screen with technology <strong>TRILUMINS</strong> and with image engine <strong>X-Reality</strong>. In addition to its resolution of <strong>1920 × 1200</strong> pixels and a number of colors of <strong>16 million</strong> It makes the screen look really good.</p><p style=xperia-tablet-z2-17 "src =" "width =" 680 "height = "453" srcset = " 680w, -content / uploads / 2014/06 / xperia-tablet-z2-17-400x266.jpg 400w, jpg 800w "sizes =" (max-width: 680px) 100vw, 680px "/></p><p>Something I do have the odd thing about is the capacitive response. It usually works really well but sometimes it gets a little "crazy" and can be annoying. Of course, forget to handle it with ease in the shower because when it is wet it is practically impossible to use it because due to the layer of water it has it does not recognize well the pulsations with the finger.</p><p>As usual in IPS, the colors are very <strong>real</strong> and not very saturated, giving a good image quality. But we find the same problem as always with IPS panels, blacks are not entirely black and sometimes there is a lack of color saturation to give the screen a more vivid touch.</p><p>By incorporating a light sensor in the front, in conditions of high or low light, the screen adjusts the brightness depending on the situation in which we find ourselves. In full sun it shines to the fullest and in low light it makes it pleasant to use it. Very important if we are fond of reading in bed or if we want to take it to the beach, since with its certifications of impermeability and dust resistance, you will have nothing to fear.</p><h2>Sound</h2><p>For me, one of the most important points on a tablet, the sound section. When we buy a device like this we want to be able to see <strong>films</strong> in it listen <strong>music</strong> with the external speakers and power <strong>to play</strong> with a surround sound that offers you the best possible experience.</p><p>Well, the Xperia Tablet Z2 meets and also, good. The sound quality is good and the <strong>incredible power</strong>, so much that I was surprised when I first put music on it. Without a doubt, a good multimedia center.</p><p>Your technology <strong>S-Force Surround</strong> Accompanied by the fact that it offers stereo sound and that manages the bass very well makes the listening experience in my opinion, very good. Built-in technology minimizes distortion and calibrates equalizers to offer the best possible quality. Clean and clear sound.</p><h2>Camera</h2><p style=xperia-tablet-z2-36 "src =" "width =" 680 "height = "453" srcset = " 680w, -content / uploads / 2014/06 / xperia-tablet-z2-36-400x266.jpg 400w, jpg 800w "sizes =" (max-width: 680px) 100vw, 680px "/></p><p>Once at this point you have to rethink one thing, is the rear camera on a tablet important? I think not, with a camera that minimally complies with a <strong>Good front for video calls</strong> It is more than enough. Well it seems that Sony got into my head and captured that on your Xperia Tablet Z2.</p><p>When we arrived at the camera section, we found that Sony did not want to focus much on this and wanted to focus more on other aspects of the device. The rear camera is neither good nor bad, it just complies. It also has the ability to record in <strong>1080p</strong> giving good results as in the front camera, which is also capable of recording in 1080p for video calls. If we wanted to use the front camera also to take the occasional selfie we can, since we have a sensor <strong>2.2 MP</strong>.</p><p><img class=xperia-tablet-z2-7 "src =" "width =" 680 "height = "453" srcset = " 680w, -content / uploads / 2014/06 / xperia-tablet-z2-7-400x266.jpg 400w, jpg 800w "sizes =" (max-width: 680px) 100vw, 680px "/></p><p>Within the camera settings, we can modify the resolution of the photo (<strong>8MP only in 4: 3</strong> while if we want <strong>16: 9 we can only 5MP</strong>). In addition, you can configure a counter, activate the smile picker, choose the <strong>focus mode</strong>, activate the <strong>Image Stabilizer</strong> and also, enable face registration. As for the video section, we can choose the resolution of the video, the focus mode, whether we want HDR or not, enable / disable microphone and SteadyShot.</p><p>The shutter speed is not the fastest on the market, since after focusing for the first time when selecting the subject, it refocuses completely to take the picture. It does not take a long time but it does distinguish itself from the rest of the devices.</p><p>Few tablets can boast a good camera and also, as good software as Sony offers to its new tablet. As I said before, for me this is not an important aspect in this type of device but as the saying goes: «On horseback, don't look at the tooth».</p><p>Below we show you some pictures taken with the device and also a link to a Drive folder with the images in higher resolution.</p><h2>software</h2><p style=2014-06-07 01.01.05

If Sony is characterized by something about the software on its devices, it is the personalization layer that incorporates each of its devices that goes on sale. An application layer that does not distance much from Android Stock but does incorporate a lot bloatware in my opinion So much so, that it contains almost an application developed by Sony for most of the Android system applications by default. It even incorporates a substitution to Google Now, that seems to me already exaggerated.

I think that the installation of so much software by default makes the experience of use a priori not the best, at least when I first used it, I was eliminating things that I would never use.

Even so, it must be admitted that the operation of the customization layer that has this Xperia Tablet Z2 installed is good and gives fluency when using it. Quick responses and fluidity is what I least expected from a layer of customization as heavy as Sony's.

Clarify that the customization layer is on top of what until a few days ago was the most updated version of Android, KitKat 4.4.2. Hopefully they worry more about the updates at Sony.

2014-06-06 23.02.52

Within the software we find several things that in my opinion should be by default in pure Android. First, we can configure the quick access panel and choose the settings we want.

In addition, something that seems basic to me and that even Android does not have by default is to allow more organization in the application drawer. Just by swiping to the right inside this menu, we will access the settings that it offers us. Despite not being able to create folders within this application menu, you can order to our liking, in alphabetical order, by most used and by most recent installation date. Finally from here, we can also uninstall applications faster than from the applications section within the settings.

photo "src =" "width =" 680 "height =" 425 "srcset =" https: // elandroidelibre. 680w, 400w "sizes = "(max-width: 680px) 100vw, 680px" /></p><p>One of the failures that I find within the application drawer, apart from not being able to create folders, is that it is really uncomfortable to take the applications to the start menu. Although for this we can access the <strong>start menu setting mode</strong> just by pressing and holding the screen or making the pincer gesture. So we can add applications faster and also widgets, backgrounds and themes that we can download from the Play Store.</p><p>With respect to the incorporation of themes, we can choose between several themes already pre-installed as well as download them within the Sony Select store. Few devices incorporate something similar and this capacity for customization. Point in favor of Sony.</p><p>Something that I liked and a lot is that like the Xperia Z2, it includes the possibility of <strong>wake up the device with double press</strong> on the screen. For me, this is essential on a tablet because many times we use it while resting on the table and having to unlock it by pressing on the button can sometimes be annoying.</p><p>It must be said that the tablet in general works well, fluidly and quickly. The only drawback I find is the amount of preinstalled applications that come with it.</p><h2>performance</h2><p style=2014-06-06 22.52.12

It is time for this tablet that boasts such good performance to go through the hard tests of Antutu and see what he is capable of. Will it meet expectations or not?

Once the Antutu test has been carried out, it turns out that 33,360 points. This score places the Xperia Tablet Z2 above the LG G2 and below the Xiaomi Mi3. A really good result if we consider that it is a tablet. Sony has done well but to have practically the same components as a Z2, why is it in that position and not a few higher?

After all, this tablet has shown what is worth in my day to day using it as in Antutu throwing a good score. To tell the truth, I am not a person who uses the tablet excessively but I do when I use it, I use it for real and I do not want to fail or hang applications. And after using it for a while I have realized that it fulfills what I want, although sometimes I have suffered the odd closing of Chrome when opening too many tabs.

In short, if you want a tablet that replaces your laptop, it works fast and is fluid. This tablet is a very good option within the top-of-the-range catalog of Android, being able to deal with even an iPad Air.


One of the key points arrives on a tablet and on any device in general, its battery. As we said before it has a battery of 6,000 mAh, something normal in a tablet since it is what we usually find. But if it is what they all normally carry, is this different from the rest? The answer is yes.

Thank you to your power saving modes, we can get a few more hours of operation. We have two modes, one called STAMINA which activates Sony's energy-saving functions and a slightly more abrupt one called low battery mode. In this mode it deactivates many of the functions of the device such as WiFi, automatic synchronization and others so that we can extend the battery life a little longer. I love that manufacturers worry about this, what good is more capacity if consumption is exorbitant?

After my experience of use I can say that the autonomy of this tablet has surprised me. I said before that I am not using it much throughout the day so it has almost lasted me 3 days without turning it off or battery savings and with several hours of active screen (about 8 hours in particular). I was surprised by the fact that it has to power a 10.1-inch Full HD screen and a powerful processor, however, the autonomy is really good.

Comparing this Xperia Tablet Z2 with another cheaper model that I have at home I have realized that there is quite a difference in autonomy, being able to hold the Sony device for another day compared to the other Android tablet I have.

Here the Xperia Tablet Z2 pulls chest and demonstrates that it is capable of operating powerful hardware, heavy software and also offer good autonomy. My ten to Sony for the good work he did here.


xperia-tablet-z2-27 "src =" "width =" 680 "height = "453" srcset = " 680w, -content / uploads / 2014/06 / xperia-tablet-z2-27-400x266.jpg 400w, jpg 800w "sizes =" (max-width: 680px) 100vw, 680px "/></p><p>The final point of the review arrives and where we will talk about everything a bit to reach a final conclusion and later, to an evaluation with note, as an exam.</p><p>What I liked most about this tablet is its <strong>design</strong>I already said it when I talked about him but I loved it. Its light weight, easy grip with one hand and its thickness makes it a pleasure to carry it in your hands. However, despite being made of plastic, which frees you of extra weight, the touch to grab it is not bad at all, on the contrary, it gives good feelings.</p><p>Another point that I liked, the <strong>drums</strong>, I did not know that 6,000 mAh would give so much. The autonomy of this tablet left me speechless as it has come to last up to three days and without downloading it completely. In addition, its energy-saving modes do their job and give you some more battery life, enough to end the day if you're a bit tight.</p><p style=xperia-tablet-z2-3 "src =" "width =" 680 "height = "453" srcset = " 680w, -content / uploads / 2014/06 / xperia-tablet-z2-3-400x266.jpg 400w, jpg 800w "sizes =" (max-width: 680px) 100vw, 680px "/></p><p>Something to be expected, its <strong>hardware</strong>. Being a top-of-the-range tablet, it must have its own top-of-the-range components. As we said, it incorporates many components similar to the Xperia Z2, so the performance cannot be bad.</p><p>The only thing I didn't like about the device is the<strong> customization layer</strong>. I do not know if it is that in general I do not like that layers on Android stock are included or that I have not been completely convinced that of this Sony tablet. What I can say is that if it incorporated less bloatware and more system functionalities, the device would work better.</p><p>Once you know much of this tablet, it is time that you also know its price. Being a high-end tablet makes its price not exactly affordable to all budgets, being its cost of <strong>489 euros in its WiFi version</strong>. It is not a tablet intended to compete in the entire tablet market but to mark the ground as the best high performance Android tablet.</p><p>As we said before, we will give a final assessment to this Sony Xperia Tablet Z2:</p><p><img class=

Sony Xperia Tablet Z2: Analysis and experience of use
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