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Some settings on the iPhone X and iPhone 8 you need to make

If you have bought a new and spectacular (and expensive) iPhone X, or if you have opted for the most classic lines of the iPhone 8, you should know that there are several adjustments that you must make immediately to get the best out of both. They are not complex at all, and only require a little time and someone (us!) That you like. Next, the settings on the iPhone X and iPhone 8 that you should make.


If you look intrigued at that little bar in the upper right of the screen and wonder how much life the battery really has left, you may need to activate the percentage indicator. It is somewhat strange that this is not activated by default, but you can easily do it yourself. Go to Settings> Battery and active Battery percentage. Now you see a clear percentage next to the battery cone.


Your screen is what consumes the most battery, and you also don't want people to snoop on your iPhone when you leave it on the table; Both are good reasons to configure Auto-Lock or Automatic Lock as quickly as possible. Although, on the other hand, it is also frustrating when you are using your iPhone, you get distracted momentarily and when you turn your eyes to the screen you find it locked. Whatever the reason, the automatic lock can be found and controlled to your liking in Settings> Display and brightness.


If you want to get rid of an application, simply hold the cone until it starts to move. Then, tap the X in the upper corner to uninstall it. For some applications that come from stock, this will make them hide or disable: they will not be uninstalled, and you can always recover them through the App Store.

If you have an application that you don't want to get rid of, but you don't want it to appear while you scroll through the screen, we suggest you create a folder for it. Press and hold the application cone until it starts to move. Then, move it and swipe it over another application cone to create a folder. Call the folder as you wish If you add more applications to it, you can move the application you want to hide to a later page in the folder, being even less likely to find it.


Do not let your iPhone be your master. We all need downtime and disconnection, and it is therefore important to schedule periods in which your iPhone does not bother you. At the very least, you should set it up for the hours you usually sleep. Go to Settings> Do not disturb and play on Program. Then select your Silent hours.

If you are concerned that some important calls or messages do not reach you, scroll down and you can configure Allow calls from.


Apple calls this function Night Shift, and what it does is filter the blue light and help you fall asleep more easily after reading on your iPhone at night. Go to Settings> Display and brightness> Night shift and you can alternate between these options.


For many of us, our photos are the most precious things on our iPhones, so it is worth making sure they are backed up. You can do this by going to Settings> Photos and select ICloud photo library.

Apple is a bit tacao when it comes to cloud storage space, and gives only 5 GB for free. Your iCloud may fill up quickly, and you may not want to pay for more space. Consider installing the free Google Photos app. You can toggle between Backup Y synchronization during the setup process and Google offers you 15 GB for free. You can also get another 5 GB for free from Microsoft OneDrive or Amazon Prime Photos. Both applications are free and offer an automatic photo backup.


With 3D Touch, you can press on the screen to see other options in some applications, as well as jump to direct access actions. It can be really useful once you get used to it, but it definitely requires a little practice. It will be faster if you adjust it to your needs. Go to Settings> General> Accessibility> Touch 3D, you can choose between Lightweight, Means, medium Y Firm, and start practicing on the test image given below.


Do you really want me to say “Sent from my iPhone” as the signature in each email you send? Probably not. It's easy to change: just go to Settings> Mail> Signature and you can change it for something else, or leave it blank.


You can swipe up from the bottom of the screen to access the Control Center and get shortcuts to things like the torch Y Wifi. Some of these are fixed, but you can also customize some by going to Settings> Control Center> Customize controls. Touch the green + cone next to what you want to add, or the red cone next to everything you want to remove.


Nobody ever wants to get in the worst, but if you do, you will have to configure Emergency SOS. Go to Configuration> SOS Emergency and active Automatic call. If you press and hold the side button and the volume button, your iPhone call 911 or the existing emergency service in your region.

It is worth configuring the Emergency contacts through the Health application, from which you can also add details about any medical condition you have, as well as your blood type and other relevant information. If you add Emergency contacts, also the selected people will receive an automatic message when you activate SOS emergency to inform them that emergency services have been called. You can add them by opening the Health application and touching the Medical Identification tab in the lower right.

If you want to get more out of your phone, check out our tips and tricks for the iPhone X and / or for the iPhone 8.

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