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Slim design and robust performance

He Toshiba Canvio Advance It is an external hard drive that comes in capacities of 1TB, 2TB and 3TB. This is not a boost to buy if raw performance is the main concern. But nevertheless, It offers a lot of storage for little money. And it is much more portable than a traditional external hard drive.

It fits in the back pocket of your jeans.People's hard drive preferences are often reduced to brands that have not failed them in the past, but the complaints here are minor.

Toshiba Canvio Advance – Design and features

Portable hard drives are like spare keys. They are not particularly exciting, but when you need them you really need them. The Toshiba Canvio Advance is a mid-range model in the Toshiba lineup. It doesn't look as boring as its basic units, but it's also not as flashy as its aluminum premiums.

Canvio Advance

Its exterior is plastic, With a glossy finish on the top. You can get it in black, red and blue, as well as in the white seen here. Compared to him WD My Passport X which is occasionally used to transport files, the Toshiba Canvio Advance too skinny.

Use two dishes and it's a 2.5 inch disk, which allows you to lose weight until 14 mm thick, according to the specifications of Toshiba and our tape measure.

Upgrade to Premium Canvio and that measure is shortened by an extra 0.5 mm and you get a USB-C cable Extra in the box. But that, apart from the aluminum exterior, is about that.

The LED above is a part that can begin to divide you. Connect the unit and the ring in a corner lights blue. Flashes while reading or writing data.

Toshiba Canvio Advance – Software and Compatibility

He Toshiba Canvio Advance is ready to connect to a computer with Windows That means that it is formatted for the NTFS file system, which makes the drive read-only if used with a Mac.

To return to formatting it for Mac only takes a minute or so with the OS X Disk Utility, but it is worth considering this point for those who buy for someone with limited technological limitations. Toshiba creates a version of its preformatted Premium model for Mac.

Does it work with game consoles? He tried on Toshiba Canvio Advance with a Xbox One and one PS4 . He was recognized successfully by both. However, to use it with a PS4, you must format it in the file formats FAT32 or exFAT The Xbox One does the job for you.

However, if you are buying for a Windows system, you do not need to do anything. All that comes on the disk in a standard way are a couple of documents and a web link from which the two pieces of the “included” software are downloaded.

There is a backup utility which makes the automatic copy files of Toshiba Canvio Advance of the folders of Windows that you select, at the interval you choose, and a security application that allows you to password protect the files.

Canvio Advance

Toshiba Canvio Advance – Performance

If you want brutal file transfer performance, the Toshiba Canvio Advance It is not the unit for you, this unit is for people who want a lot of storage. Even a SSD Budget be much faster.

But nevertheless, offers decent performance for a 2.5-inch rotating disk hard drive at 5,400 rpm. When transferring large files, Write at 122 Megabytes per second. The transfer of 10 GB of data take about a minute and a half.

However, the hard drives of the turntables are dramatically impacted when many smaller files are transferred. It takes 271 seconds to copy the installation of Alien: Steam isolation of 23GB and 5376 files, for example. This gives an average of about 85 MegaBytes per second.

Write speeds level at 141 Megabytes per second, which is again the norm for a unit of 5400rpm. See slightly better results from a larger 7200 rpm desktop unit, but we mean mild. We are talking about read / write speeds of around 150 Megabytes per second.

If you need much faster speeds, you will have to reach a 2.5-inch SSD. But For the price of a Toshiba Canvio Advance 2TB, just get an SSD disk of ~ 250GB.

In conclusion …

He Toshiba Canvio Advance is a solid and highly portable disk for backup and overexploitation of laptops or desktops. It is a few millimeters thinner than older models, but don't buy one that expects substantially better performance than other USB 3.0 drives.