Samuel L. Jackson being the new voice of Amazon Alexa

Samuel L. Jackson being the new voice of Amazon Alexa

The actor Samuel L. Jackson signed an agreement with Amazon to lend his voice to his Alexa smart speakers, becoming the first of many celebrities that Amazon wants to integrate the voice packages that its virtual assistant will have in 2020.

On Wednesday, Amazon presented its new technology Neural Text-to-Speech which was designed to give Alexa a more human nuance, allowing it to sound like real people. This means that Jackson's voice is synthetic, instead of the actor having to record word for word or phrases.

The voice can be installed with the voice command "Alexa, introduce me to Samuel L. Jackson," Then they choose if they want me to use explicit language or not.

Amazon also announced a multi-language mode for Alexa, targeting homes with bilingual speakers. Initially, in the United States admit English and Spanish, while Canadian customers can choose English and French, and in India you can select English and Hindi.

The "voice pack" Jackson for Alexa will be available later this year for just 99 cents and promises to bring two versions, one with high-sounding words and one more decent. We all know what he really wants.