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Samsung is inspired by the Xiaomi folding mobile according to this patent

Samsung can boast of being the first brand that has presented a folding screen mobile that can be purchased, the Galaxy Fold. On May 3 it will be the one chosen so that we can acquire it in most countries although it will arrive before a few selected markets.

This merit is slightly marred by the company's decision to use a folding system that has been questioned for several reasons. To start, it makes the main screen only be used when the mobile is open, having to resort to a small one when it is not. In addition, the hinge and the design of the mobile make, or so it seems, that a mark remains on the screen as soon as we fold it for a while, even if it does not break.

Huawei opted for a different design, with the screen out, which has its advantages and problems, but it seems that it has caught Samsung's attention because it patented a similar design as we told you a few weeks ago.

Now it is Xiaomi that is put in the point of view of the Korean firm, with its folding mobile. The double curvature design is what Samsung has taken to register another patent, as we read in Lets Go Digital.

Double curvature with a central element

The mobile has been seen in the registration of a patent that has served Lets Go Digital to make conceptual renderings of how this model could be. Obviously it is not a final design because it does not have ports and some of its problems are not solved but it does give an idea of ​​what Samsung is looking for.

Highlights the central element under the screen that remains visible when we deploy the mobile, something that seems that the Xiaomi model will not have, although that is also a prototype today.

The thickness of the terminal is variable, with the elements such as battery and circuitry in the wings that are deployed, and not in the entire mobile in a homogeneous way, which facilitates the folding system in the hinges.

We know that Samsung is working on new models of flexible screens and this could be one of them. We hope it is.