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portable lamp with wireless charging

Have you ever wished to be able to move a flexo or lamp of site but the cable has prevented you or simply it was not worth the change? Below we discover everything about a new project in development which merges the concepts of flashlight, lamp and wireless charging.

The Qi Lamp is a portable lamp with a very attractive design and compatible with any base of load Qi. But no, you don't have to buy a wireless charging base from another manufacturer. The Qi Lamp can be acquired with its own base with Qi standard, capable of charging any additional device with this certification at a power of 10 W.

Qi Lamp and wireless charging base

At the aesthetic level, the Qi Lamp It has a cylindrical shape and a minimalist design. It measures 17 cm high and about 7 in diameter, and its weight is approximately 250 g. It is composed of one LED lighting zone (half of the Qi Lamp) and an aluminum base (available in different colors). Has a autonomous up to 40 hours, the promoters of the project promise, although we imagine that this is using light to a minimum. Even so, it has a micro-USB connector to connect it to an external battery if necessary.

All parts of the Qi Lamp

For its part, the wireless charging base It is also made of aluminum, and has a fairly small thicknesswhat we are used to and circular shape. Its diameter is about 10 cm and it is also available in different colors.

Also available in different colors as Qi Lamp charging bases

The Qi Lamp can be adapted to the environment you want, because your light is customizable in intensity and colors, or even a latency mode can be set up, as they say, to human respiration. These parameters are adjustable thanks to a touch panel in the lower area of ??the product.

The Qi Lamp seems to us a device ideal for many situations. It can help us if we have to be doing housework and changing our stay. Also if we go camping or traveling. Even as a night light for our children.

The Qi Lamp is available in different colors

The product is in the process of crowdfounding on Kickstarter, but we hope it will come to light soon. If everything goes as expected, I will do it in January 2020. For the collaborators, a 40% discount is guaranteed with respect to the final market release price.

If you want a Qi Lamp pack, it will cost you some 39, including the lamp and charging base. Even so, these products can be purchased separately or even in packs of more units. It is available in black, gray and red.