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news, compatible devices and steps to update your iPhone

The day has arrived, today, September 19, IOs 13 has been officially published for all users with a compatible iPhone. Apple's mobile operating system reaches version 13 with major changes and in a public way for anyone who wants to upgrade to this new version. iOS 13 can now be downloaded and in addition to seeing the news we will also see who can install it and how to do it.

It was first announced at WWDC19, when we saw a preview. Later and during these last three months we have seen how Apple has launched different betas polishing the system. Finally, last week during the keynote of the new iPhone 11 the company announced the final release date of iOS 13, this September 19.

iOS 13

Compatible devices: iPhone models that support iOS 13

Before moving on, what is this beta for? The new version is not compatible with any iPhone, but only reaches the iPhone of recent years. If you have a very old one, better check the list below to see if your iPhone is compatible. On the other hand, remember that this year the iPad go separately with its own operating system, iPadOS. That said, let's see the list of devices compatible with iOS 13:

  • iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max
  • iPhone 11
  • iPhone XS and XS Max
  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone X
  • iPhone 8 and 8 Plus
  • iPhone 7 and 7 Plus
  • iPhone 6s and 6s Plus
  • iPhone SE
  • iPod touch of the seventh generation

Download and update to iOS 13

iOS 13 in the end is still another update of the operating system. It is for this reason that to download and update to iOS 13 we just have to follow the same process as with other updates. In Settings> General> Software update the update appears. After authorizing the update it will be downloaded automatically and after a restart it will be installed.

How to upgrade to iOS 13: all news and compatible iPhone

Moreover, we can always do a zero installation to do "cleaning" on the device. For this we must restore the iPhone and subsequently install iOS 13. However, we have a complete tutorial on this and how to update to iOS 13 in general.

All the news of iOS 13 (also in video)

iOS 13 is one of Apple's great updates for this year. Version 13 of the operating system win big changes visually Thanks to the new dark mode. However, there are many more news related to specific apps, user privacy and dozens of minor changes that often go unnoticed.

New dark mode

We start with the main course, the new dark mode. With this feature the iPhone practically changes its entire interface to adapt the color palette to dark tones for low light conditions. It is a process that can be automatic or manual from the system settings.

In addition to the iOS interface, too change third-party applications that have adapted To the new dark mode. Each app can generate its own dark mode and tell the system to adapt the app to the light or dark mode in the general system.

Reminder Redesign

One of the apps that shouted the most changes for years, finally has been completely redesigned. Apple has updated its Reminders app to stop being a simple list of tasks and become a project manager. It is now possible to create projects with tasks and subtasks. New smart views also arrive to sort tasks, as well as smart alerts related to locations, contacts or other factors.

Img 7

New effects on Camera and changes in Photos

The Cmara app wins on iOS 13 in the section of Portrait Illumination New functions to regulate the intensity of light. In Portrait Mode there is a new option in black and white with white background.

But where we really see an important change in the photographic section is in the Photos app. Apple has completely redesigned it to display all the images in a chronological line much more intelligently and visually. New features of photo editing and (for the first time) of video are also added.

Img 4

Memojis more customizable and useful

The Memojis arrived with iOS 12, although it is in iOS 13 where they have received interesting features to further customize them. Now we can choose different accessories, more hairstyles and even makeup and piercings. Apple also allows you to create stickers from Memojis to use them later in any app that accepts the sending of images.

Img 6

Changes in Shortcuts

In iOS 12 Siri shortcuts were both in the Shortcuts app and in the system settings. Now everything is integrated in the shortcuts app. App that has also received new features to create automation much easier. And as always, we can access a gallery of shortcuts to find some useful or simply inspiration.