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New patent for a "folding" Samsung quite different

The Galaxy Fold still has no date for when to exit officially and without any fault within its hardware that causes the screen to stop working. Before this launch we learned that Samsung will take care after a whole line of smartphones with screens of this type and with this patent we may have a preview of what it could be.

Samsung smartphone

In the renderings I present LetsGoDigital We can appreciate a device that does the same and changes the size of the screen although the system with which this is done is totally different since as such the screen will not bend if it does not slide on one side.

Samsung S11

Based on these renders we will have a phone with a screen that becomes larger or smaller that will not sacrifice so much the proportions of the device and its design would be more attached to the devices we are used to.

Do not leave without leaving in the comments you think about this new patent. Innovative or not? I will be reading you.

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