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More apps are downloaded on Android than on iOS and other fun facts

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During the third quarter of 2019, smartphone users spent a total of 23,000 million dollars in apps and games, and once again, the difference between the two mobile platforms is again abysmal.

This is stated in the last report published by App Annie, in which they analyze the application and game consumption statistics of Android and iOS device holders over the past three months, and they offer us some curious facts like the fact that 175% more apps and games were downloaded on Google Play than in the iOS App Store.

Android users download more apps than iOS users, but spend less

With a 10% growth over the same period last year, Google Play Store is still the fastest growing app store in number of downloads. During the third quarter of this the number of downloads more than exceeds 20,000 million worldwide, of which about 40% correspond to the games category.

Meanwhile, Apple's App Store remains stable in number of downloads compared to the third quarter of last year, reaching over 5,000 million installations of which 30% were games.

Among all regions, India and Brazil It was the markets that most helped to increase the number of downloads on Google Play over the last three months. And next to Russia, they are placed in the top 3 from markets where more apps and games are downloaded. In addition, the most downloaded content corresponds to the categories of Cmics, Finance and Car Racing

Instead, China and the United States it was the key markets for the App Store, and the Shopping, Food and Health / Sports categories contributed the most to the growth.

But the numbers are very different if we take a look at the table of income generated by each mobile platform. In the case of iOS, user spending exceeds 15,000 million dollars, while in Android this figure stays around 8,000 million. The United States, South Korea and Germany were the countries that contributed most to the growth in revenue reported by the Google app store

What about the most popular apps?

App Annie has also updated her list with the most popular applications from the last period, and the truth is that there are not too many surprises. Facebook Messenger it stays in the top of downloads with Facebook, and followed by TikTok that grows by leaps and bounds, and beat WhatsApp for the first time.

Applications such as Likee or SHAREit, and the rise of Faceapp, which in July of this year saw how their downloads soared after the inclusion of the new "old" filter.

As for the apps that have generated the most benefits, Tinder stays in the lead, followed by Netflix and the Chinese video streaming platform iQIYI. YouTube has risen a position, and Surprising the growth of Google One, the cloud storage service of the big G.

Finally, App Annie shows the applications with the largest number of monthly active users, and to anyone's surprise WhatsApp is still the queen, followed by Facebook and Facebook Messenger.

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