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Mobile come out earlier for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, what happens on iOS?

call of duty mobile

Already happened last year with Fortnite for Android and Samsung just repeated the play, the expected Call of Duty: Mobile will come exclusively for the Samsung Galaxy Note10, the last device that the Korean company has just presented and that it has with spectacular wallpapers.

Call of Duty: Mobile is one of the most anticipated games of the year and it seems that Activision and Samsung have reached an agreement and the powerful game llegar preinstalled on all Samsung Galaxy Note 10. The game is currently in beta and only users from Canada and Australia have been able to access it, however the Galaxy Note 10 start reaching users on August 23, so the launch of Call of Duty: Mobile can be very close

And what about Call of Duty: Mobile for iOS?

Samsung and Activision is not that have explained too many things about the agreement, so everything is a bit in the air. Last year they had Fortnite exclusively for a limited time, but within a few days anyone was able to install it.

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However, iOS was not affected at all times, even iPhone or iPad users were able to try Fortnite much sooner than Android users. We understand that be a limited time agreement and that allow Samsung users to enjoy the title before anyone else, but probably soon we can enjoy it on other devices.

In spite of everything, it is very good news, if the game is available in the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 on August 23 when they reach the market this means that Call of Duty: Mobile launch is just around the corner.

Hopefully the iPhone and iPad do not enter into this agreement and we can enjoy Call of Duty: Mobile as soon as possible, although in the case that is not so we can surely play a few days later.