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Micro RPG is a casual RPG with an original combat system

Micro RPG is a new beta game which is characterized by the difficulty of knowing how to choose the weapon that we must use at all times. That is, according to the weapon we use, we will reach the enemy that is a little away from us or the one who is furthest away.

With a original combat system, and in which we will not move from our site, we are facing a casual RPG that is distinguished from others by its special approach. Perhaps the variety in the attacks of the enemies is attributable, but the mere fact of having to change between sword, ax and bow, will take us enough time to realize that it has caught us but well.

Choose the right weapon

In other titles having a different weapon means giving more attack, the critic or other value that matters, but in Micro RPG it is important that we select the right weapon for hit two or three enemies at once and generate as much damage as possible in each turn.

Micro RPG

Our enemies will move as we strike blows to approach or use the fire at medium distance in the case of dragons. The three types of weapons by rank are: sword for short distance, ax for the middle and bow for those farthest enemies.

As you go forward you will see how each new weapon acquired will have a different area drawing and that indicates the impact. If you are able to press at the right time you can reach several enemies at once to give them a blow. As we go forward, it will be vital to avoid a large number of enemies as their waves arrive.

Micro RPG hooks for its simplicity

The currencies we go acquiring and the letters will allow us improve our weapons as well as level up our hero. Like different weapons we also have more heroes with different abilities. Micro RPG has a freemium style, but at no time will you see advertising during your first 20 minutes or more, since everything lies in micropayments.


And the progress is adequate so that we can improve our weapons and get rid of our enemies. We recommend that you try to eliminate all the boxes that appear in combat, since will add to receive more rewards and letters. That said, each phase has its percentage to complete, so the moment you reach 100%, you will move on to the next environment with different enemies.

While there are a variety of enemies, if you need to have more variety in special skills and those punches, since many, at least those of the first phase, focus on the melee and the dragon's ranged attack.

3 universes to discover

The first universe can be completed in half an hour of play to be three we have in total. Maybe we feel a little short, although we must see the difficulty of universe two where it is surely more difficult. Still so it is a casual that is very worthwhile for that combat system so attractive and that forces us to think well every hit that we will take, since one without taking a hit can mean our death. And you will die for sure.


Technically play that visual style more like cartoon And that has its touch. The effects and character design are very close to complete a good gaming experience. The difficulty curve to be a freemium game is pretty good. It is neither easy nor very difficult.

Micro RPG arrives in public beta to surprise and get you hooked with that combat system so interesting and addictive. It is in beta, so there is room for them to improve the game and even add more universes with which not to end our hitch. At least for days and weeks.

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Micro RPG

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  • Micro RPG
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  • Original combat system
  • Your cartoon graphics
  • Hooks up

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