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Meet "Restrict", the new Instagram feature with which to block users without them noticing

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International.- Instagram is one of the most successful social networks today and has experienced the greatest growth in recent times. There are already more than 2.77 billion users who will register this year in the favorite social network to share photographs and this is a fact to be taken into account since 72.4% of the world's online population can have Access to social networks.

There are many news that Instagram is offering recently to its users to ensure that they do not leave the platform. The last one is the "Restrict" function, a function with which the social network intends to attack or prevent bullying or harassment. And for this, make several options available to users to achieve it.

Bullying is a challenge of this social network

On the one hand, the social network wanted to implement a warning notice when it detects that someone is going to comment something with an offensive tone and, on the other, it intends to offer the possibility of hiding users who annoy us without them knowing about it. This option is called "Restrict" and has already begun to reach users around the world.

As stated by Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri, "Bullying is a challenge that many face, especially young people, so we are reconsidering the entire Instagram experience to fulfill this commitment to fight bullying" .

And it is now, after a period of tests, when the famous social network of photography has begun to add the function of "Restrict" in its app for Android and iOS and progressively reach all users worldwide.

It is a similar option to block

Basically, ?Restrict? is an option similar to blocking but the person you restrict will be able to continue commenting as if nothing happens. This means that neither you nor the rest of the users who access your profile will see their comments (if you don't want to) but the blocked user, not being aware of it. Also, restricted users will not be able to see when you are connected or if you have read the direct messages.

With this function, what Instagram intends is to protect the account from unwanted interactions without the victim having to block, report or stop following. In addition its use is very simple since this function is activated from the comments of the photo itself, so that you click on one of them (in the case of Android) or when sliding to the left (in the case of Android), two options will appear:

  • Report the comment in question.
  • Restrict the user.

The restriction can always be undone and, in this way, you can do it directly through the user profile page or from the Privacy tab in the Instagram configuration.

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