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Meet a CMD command console with graphic interface

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<p>As much as the years go by and as much as Microsoft launches new and renewed versions of its flagship operating system, the truth is that there are applications and aspects of it that remain the same for many years, for example, <strong>Today, the CMD command console is still being used intensively according to the environment</strong>, something that has not evolved with the passing of the versions and that PowerShell has not managed to unseat.</p>
<p>Thus, CMD is still a very valid command console even in 2017, but not everyone has knowledge about it, it is hardly studied and new generations of technicians do not know how to take advantage of this good utility, so that <strong>Today we are going to see a small help that will facilitate the most common actions when working with this console.</strong></p><div class=

The idea is to use EasyCMD, a free software, valid for the main versions of Windows, portable and that runs without installation and with which we can launch the most common commands without having to know or type them, thanks to the small graphic interface that it includes.

Thanks to this alternative to the classic command console, we can list, see and launch the commands without knowing them and without typing them, just by displaying a combo and choosing the one that interests us most.

As we see in the capture, The commands we can launch are not many, but they are the most common, from the classic ping to different options in ipconfig, so we can get an idea that this application is more intended for professional use than for domestic use.

Therefore, if you usually work with the command console and have a hard time doing so, do not forget that today we have brought an improved version where a small interface is added That will make our lives easier.

EasyCMD | to download

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