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Maintaining the battery charge between 20 and 80% begins to become a trend, Apple does and Tesla recommends

The unwritten rule states that It is not entirely recommended that a battery be completely discharged, but it doesn't help to charge it continuously up to 100%.

In recent times a recommendation between users and manufacturers has been strengthened: keep the load whenever you can between 20% and 80% extend life of our batteries, but how to achieve it? Several manufacturers and several developments allow you to automate these charging processes in mobiles, laptops and even electric cars.

The myths of the batteries

The lithium battery technology has allowed us to forget about the memory effect: some time ago we were charging a battery that had not been 100% discharged we end up reducing capacity from the same.


That problem was real, but the emergence of new technologies in battery production made it disappear, although other myths spread around the battery charge. For example, the one who says that leave our phones charging all night It was not beneficial for batteries.

Does a phone's battery suffer from charging every night?

That risk does not exist, and the new generations of lithium-ion batteries or those of lithium polymers do not suffer from having them for long periods connected to the current to charge them. In many cases the batteries simply disconnect the input flow when they detect that they are already 100% charged.

Only if that charge is reduced, the battery charge is reactivated, but I will do it in small intervals which allow for example that when we get up we have the mobile 100% charged but also without it being hot as it could happen if we take the device as soon as we reach that level.

The load between 20 and 80% seems to be a good option

Given these myths, there is a tangible reality: that of recharging the mobile so that it stays in a range of between 20 and 80% The battery is beneficial for the useful life of this component. Other studies affirm that it is even better to keep it between 40 and 80% – and even going to the extreme, between 40 and 60% -, although it is difficult to determine and shorten those margins it ends up limiting the options of use of batteries throughout type of developments, from mobile to electric cars.


In the end, what we achieve with this method is not to subject so much stress to the batteries and prolong their useful life. Letting a battery discharge completely is not a good policy since degrades that capacity more quickly of what those "partial refills" do.

The encyclopedia of mobile batteries

The question, of course, is how to achieve these recharge cycles. There are several solutions that help automate these processes, and for example on Android if we have a rooted phone we can install modules such as the Magisk Advanced Charging Controller with which it is possible set minimum and maximum loading and unloading limits. It is used from the terminal, but there is a graphic interface for this tool called AccA.

Battery Charge Limit is another option if you tennis the rooted Android mobile. There are also applications that warn that these limits have been reached charging so we start charging or stop doing so (Battery Charge Notifier is one of them).


Apple managers seem to have taken this into account in iOS 13, the latest revision of their mobile operating system: the "battery optimization" they announced at their WWDC 2019 conference indicated that the night recharge will be performed at a maximum of 80% and will stop So, through artificial intelligence estimate the time at which you disconnect the mobile every morning and prepare the mobile so that it is 100% charged when you wake up and need your mobile.

There are also laptops that allow you to help in this area. In the BIOS of some variants of the Dell XPS It is possible to configure charge limits so that this process stops when you indicate it, and that it only activates after a certain level of discharge: you can have the charger connected, but not get into action if the battery charge is not that rank