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It has been removed from the Play Store, QuickPic!

It is a reality that we refuse to use some of the applications that are found by default when we buy a new smartphone. In more extreme cases when you don't even want to know about factory apps one chooses to deactivate all those applications that we consider to be annoying

One of the applications that must always be replaced is that of our galley because of the simple fact of wanting to have a better organization to visualize the photographs, images, videos or screenshots that we store over time.

The QuickPic case

Quickpic since I use it I have always found it a fairly simple galley, but at the same time it allows to manage and control the content related to the image of the smartphone in a very intuitive way. From its beginnings until now it grew a lot and gained prestige. It is for all this that we were surprised to see that it is no longer available for download just when I restart my factory Moto G4 in the Google store.

So far Cheeta Mobile has not given information about it, but it is suspected that the problem may be related to APIs (Application Programming Interface) and the lack of compatibility QuickPic might have for the latest Android operating systems. Currently Google requires that your applications are optimized for Android Oreo, that is, API 26. This is where QuickPic will have the problem since it is optimized for API 22 which will cause Google to remove it from its store.

Most likely, if this has been the problem, we will soon have the famous galley back with a new version that will allow you to continue taking your place on Google Play. We will be aware of your return and of course, we will keep you updated.

Are you a QuickPic user? What do you think about it? Do not stop responding in the comment box, we are interested to know your opinion.

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