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Instagram for Android eliminates one of its most controversial features

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<p>Hereinafter, <strong>You can no longer see the activity of the people you follow on Instagram</strong>. The company behind the social network has decided to eliminate the ?Following? tab, which allows the users of the platform to see what publications they liked or in which they had commented, or what profiles they had begun to follow all those users within their list of followed, and that since the last few months he was at the center of the controversy since not everyone was willing to <strong>let the rest of the people could see what they did in the application</strong> at all times.</p>
<p>But Instagram has not only removed features. Now, iOS 13 and Android 10 users <strong>you can enjoy the dark theme of the application</strong>, which will be activated automatically when the dark mode of the system is enabled.</p>
<h2>The Following tab disappears from Instagram: Add to the "stalkers"</h2>
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Today we’re removing the ‘Following’ tab on Instagram, which was created to help people discover new posts and accounts their friends engage with. We’re always trying to stay focused and keep Instagram simple, and so we celebrate launches and ‘unshipping.’

– Adam Mosseri (@mosseri) October 7, 2019

On the other hand, the main Instagram leader, Adam Mosseri, finally, the arrival of the dark theme to the application of the social network for iOS and Android. It should be noted that, those who already had the beta version of the app installed on Android, can already enjoy this feature for a few weeks. To be able to use it, that is, it is necessary to have a device updated to Android 10

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