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Instagram does not open or the screen goes blank: 5 possible solutions

instagram blank screen

Like any application that is outsourced, Instagram is not infallible. Although it does not usually show problems of operation, the truth is that from a time to this part there are few users who report errors with intentions similar to "Instagram does not open", "goes blank" or "Instagram white screen". Solving this problem depends on the origin of the error, and this time we will try to solve the problem through three simple methods.

Your WiFi or data plan may be the cause

If you are visiting this page, you will probably not have any problem with your WiFi connection. But, and 3G / 4G / 5G data?

Nothing like check in the application of the operator of shift the quota of data consumed during the month valid. If we have used up all the gigabytes, it is likely that our telephone company has limited Internet speed, so that the Instagram feed does not load.

Restart can always be the solution

A solution more than obvious but perhaps not so popular is to restart the mobile. Have you tried turning off the phone for 30 seconds and turning it on again? It is likely that all the ills of Instagram have disappeared with the power of the smartphone.

The technical explanation is that the application cache is cleaned, as well as background processes that can generate some kind of conflict.

Check that Instagram is not cado

Are you sure that the error comes from the application? There are currently many pages that collect the status of Instagram servers through user reports. Down Detector is one of the best pages in this regard, and just take a look at the web to verify that, indeed, Instagram is cado (or not).

If so, we will have to wait for the servers to recover from each one, as happened last week in Spain and much of Europe.

Log out of Instagram and delete the application data

If the problem does not come from Instagram servers, but from the application itself, we will have to resort to deleting all traces of it on the phone.

instagram goes blank

The first thing we will have to do, first of all, is to remove the Instagram user account. As simple as going to the Instagram Settings through the side menu that is in sliding our profile to the left. Once inside, click on Exit and automatically Instagram delete our account of the application, not of its servers.

The next step to erase Instagram data completely is to go to Android Settings; specifically to the Applications section. Inside Instagram click on Storage and finally on Delete storage and Delete cache.

instagram white screen

With this, we will eliminate any information of the application within the mobile. Finally we will restart the application with our usual user data.

Or reinstall the Instagram APK

If none of the above has worked, it's time to reinstall Instagram. As this error is likely due to a bug of a version present on Google Play, the best thing to solve the white screen problem on Instagram is install the APK from an external page.

APK Mirror is the page we will use in this case. Once inside, we will download the latest version of the application and go to the Security settings within the Android Settings application. Followed, we will activate the option Install applications from unknown sources.

Now, we can reinstall the application, but not before uninstalling the version of Instagram that is installed on the mobile

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