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IFTTT: What is it? Your applications

There is no doubt that the degree to which theautomation of daily tasks on devicesthat we use daily as the PC, smartphone or tablet have helped us to be a little more relaxed and use that time to rest or do more things, it depends on the type of user we are.

But nevertheless, there is a much higher level of automation, and that we can adjust in the way that suits us best to be much more productive than before but with less effort and with unlimited flexibility.

This system is called IFTTTand in this article we will tell you how to put it into practice and get the most out of it.

Most of us employ a wide range of services to complement or as a basis for your work,Keep or Evernote being the most used applications for taking and managing notes,Google Drive or Dropbox to store files and documents, Gmail for email and of courseFacebook to keep in touch with friends, customers and family.

If we use all these applications to work then it is most likely that at some point we havethinking about how interesting it would be for all these programs to have a much deeper interrelation.This is precisely what IFTTT offers us.

What is IFTTT?

IFTTT are the initials ofIf This Then That,that we could freely translate asIf this happens, let this happen,and it is a web service that is increasingly being used worldwide, mainly because it is able to offer us great help by relieving part of our work.

BasicallyIFTTTIt is a web service that offers, through the applications it groups,the possibility of unleashing events from a certain action of any of them,using for it a certain set of criteria defined by the user. The idea behind IFTTT is quite simple, and is based on the axiom that says thatFor every action there is a reaction.

AlthoughIFTTT may seem complicated to implement,This is not the case, since it has been designed with ease of use in mind.

For start using IFTTT, The first thing that users should do, in addition to registering, is to be clear that their use is based on callsRecipesYTriggers. Recipes involve the use of two applications, one of which is the one that triggers the action, and the other the one that executes it.

The applications we can use to perform these tasks are many, and each day they add up more, and include services such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, cloud storage services such as Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive, ESPN, The New York Times, Feedly, Foursquare, Google Calendar, the renowned social network of Instagram, Gmail and Tumblr photos, among many others.

Another of the characteristics ofIFTTT is that it is completely free,and includes the option to use it through iOS and Android, in addition to the browser on the computer.

How to use IFTTT?

As we mentioned earlier,IFTTT is a really simple service to use,and we should not worry about writing code or running scripts. To accommodateIFTTTTo our interests, the only thing we have to do is click on the drop-down menus with the options offered by the application.

Once we have selected the actions that IFTTT should implement, it is already done, and you don't need to adjust anything else.