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How to use the Joker filter in your Instagram Stories

Finding it is easy now that we have the filter explorer on Instagram. But we cannot search for a filter by writing a text. If we want to find the filters we have to move through different categories or looking at the ones that have been uploaded by the people we follow. So we tell you how to do it.

How to use the Joker filter on Instagram

The first thing we have to do when opening Instagram is to go to the screen to upload a story, that is, sliding from left to right on the main screen. There we will select any filter, which we will find next to the button to take a conventional photo. We have the filter that we have click on your name, and then we will display a small menu, we will selectExplore effects

Instagram joker filter

There we appear an effects galley with several categories. We can find several effects, for example inScience fiction and fantasy.But we have also found one of quite quality inHobbies, where we will have to go down the filters until we find the name filter Joker. The author of the filter is alexanderpongo.

explore instagram filters instagram joker filter

We select it and we will see a preview. We will click onTryTo use us the filter. In that mode we can already use the filter and upload stories with it if we take a photo or record a video, since it is already the usual screen where we upload stories. Of course, remember that if you want to save it to your list of usual filters, we will have to click on the name of the filter and click onSave to the camera.What I will do is transfer our Joker filter to our main effects tab.

Instagram joker filter

Of course, as we have said, there are more filters in different sections, you can find the one you like the most or the one that convinces you most by operation. If not, you will always have the option of using the same one that we have recommended.

What do you think? Have you tried more Joker filters of this style? What do you like most? Leave a comment with your favorite filters! Comment on the ones you like even if they aren't from the Joker, so maybe we find interesting filters for our Instagram stories.