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How to upload music to Spotify (step by step!)

Spotify has become the last yearsin the most used alternative to avoid having to download music with Ares, eMule or any other download system, mainly due to the convenience of use, and for being on this side of the law.

It is also a application that has versions available for different platforms, so we can use it both on our computer and on our mobile phone or tablet just by having it installed, and always using the same account, which allows us to synchronize those songs that we like the most.

Of course, not only through Spotify can we access the inexhaustible library of songs and musical albums of the most diverse styles, but we can also upload our favorite music, and with that we create playlists that we even have the option to share with other users

That is why in this article we can meethow to upload music to Spotify and also make it an essential tool for us when listening to music,and incidentally abandon downloads through P2P and the like.

Your music on Spotify

The first thing we should know about Spotify is that it is basically a very popular streaming service these days, which also offers a number of features that even allow us to use it as our favorite music player,on any platform where we use it, be it Windows, Android or Mac.

ThroughSpotify not only can we listen to thousands of hours of music for free,but we can also upload the songs that we have stored on the computer or other media such as external disks or memory cards to listen to iton any device on which we have Spotify installed.

This fact provides us with unique flexibility, since nothing more comfortable than have all our music at your fingertips Anywhere we are.

Is it possible to upload music to Spotify?

Many Spotify users use the application in their free or paid version by accessing their favorite songs through the extensive library offered by the platform, unable to know exactly if it is possible to upload your own music to Spotify.

It is not surprising that perhaps at some point it will happen to us, that despite the huge and almost inexhaustible amount of songs available on Spotify, We find that perhaps one of the songs that are our favorites is not available in the service.

The frustration can then be very great, especially when we are determined to Listen to a certain song that has been playing in our head throughout the day. Of course we should not despair.

The truth is Spotify has the functionality that allows us to upload our own songs to the platform, even then we can share them with other users who may also be in search of that melody.

The procedure to be able to Uploading music to Spotify is very simple, and you can really carry it out to the most inexperienced user within the application. Therefore, we will tell you how to do it.