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How to take the best possible photos with the Samsung Galaxy S10 +

This series of tricks for take better photos with the Galaxy S10 + will allow you to get all the juice that has your phone and thus surprise our own and strangers in this vacation that we have just around the corner.

From how to take more natural photos, use autofocus to track an object or fix the sides in those photos that we can take with the wide angle, are some of the "tips" that you will find below as in the video made for the occasion.

Take pictures in 4: 3

4: 3

In the best tricks for the Galaxy S10 we already show you one of the best tips for photography on this great phone: take the photos in 4: 3. It's because when it's done in 16: 9 or full screen, It really is a clipping of the picture taken in 4: 3, so if you want to take full advantage of the resolution of the lenses, take them in 4: 3. Try it and you will see the results.

More natural photos with the Galaxy S10 +


The scene optimizer for automatic photos is one of the greatest virtues of the camera app; Do not miss this series of tricks to take better videos in the S10 +. But if we want take more natural photos we recommend deactivating the scene optimizer, this is how to take it in "rough" with all the imperfections of a person's face, but closer.

For automatic mode: scene optimizer


If you do not want to complicate your life, it is best to pull the scene optimizer to configure some aspects of the photograph of each of the shots you take. If you are at night, it will set the night mode, if it is an urban scene, it will do the same and so for those more special captures to which you will assign the best values.

Activate suggestions for better photos


If we are not experts in taking the best frames of the photos, the Galaxy S10 + has an option to activate the scene suggestions. What he really does is put a bar that will indicate that we have to move the frame to warn us in yellow that we are facing the right one. So we will never miss the best capture of that cathedral we have visited or that football stadium that we want to show to friends.

  • We go to the Camera settings.
  • We activate the second option: Composition Suggestions.
  • We follow the guide on the screen.

Auto autofocus on object or person


A great option to avoid losing focus on an object or person that moves when we are going to take a picture. Imagine your son moving through the park and you want to make a series of photos of him.

  • Long press on the child with a press on the viewfinder.
  • Is activated auto autofocus mode.
  • It will follow your child without ever losing focus and that sharpness sought by leaving the rest of the scene, on all objects away, in blur of field.

Night mode

Night mode

Since the April update came the night mode to the Galaxy S10. What happens that since May the quality of the photos taken has been improved with this mode to match that of the gcam or Huawei. Even under this mode we can use the wide angle to take better pictures in those light conditions.

We recommend that you use this mode as long as the light conditions are not adequate. That is, in closed places or at night, we use the dark mode and we will get photos with better lighting and sharpness

Take better portraits with your Galaxy S10 +

Best portraits

The dynamic focus mode on the Galaxy S10 + is fine, but if we use the telephoto lens in this mode, the portraits will come out like never before With our phone. Of course, you must have updated your phone to the update of May or higher to be able to have it active, since it has been one of the new additions.

Photos with more light

More light

If we want to go deeper into the pro mode of the Galaxy S10 +, we can choose between two openings. We have on the one hand the f / 1.5 and the f / 2.4. The aperture is valid so that more light enters through the lens. We will use the f / 1.5 if we want to optimize a photograph so that it appears with more illumination and thus between more light through the lens.

You have the option on the second button of the pro mode options of the phone. Of course, if you want more clarity, use the f / 2.4 aperture.

More natural and crisp selfies

Beauty no

To get more natural selfies we must deactivate the beauty mode in the front camera:

  • At the top we click on the magic wand located on the right side.
  • Click below on the face icon.
  • We lower the slider to zero.

This will all look like the imperfections and the photo will be more natural, since the beauty mode is responsible for making up our face by doing more of "plastic."

Use the dynamic focus on selfies

Dynamic focus on selfies

Apart from the photo and video mode in the selfies, we have Dynamic Focus. We press it and we have four different modes for field blur. From one in which the background is blurred, a spin effect is performed, another one of speed and the last one in which the most predominant color is selected to perform an interesting color effect.

Start the camera in the last mode used

Last mode

This is one of the tricks that allows a better experience with the camera app of the Galaxy S10. If we have used Instagram mode, we close the app and start it again, we will see that return to the normal mode that has by default. If instead we want you to return to Instagram mode after closing it, which saves us a few steps, do this:

  • We go to Camera settings.
  • Camera modes.
  • Y activate “Continue using the last mode”.

Move the trigger anywhere


Finally, we will move the trigger to a position that allow us to handle the mobile with one hand And so, with the big toe, we can take a picture so we don't have to lengthen it and move the camera right at the moment of capturing the photo:

  • We keep one long press on the trigger and we move it to the place we want.

13 tricks to take better photos with the Galaxy S10 + that will allow you to enjoy more of an excellent photograph that in itself gives this phone. Do not miss how to wirelessly charge the Galaxy or how to create your first Bixby Routine.

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