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How to send heavy files – Tecnologa + Informtica

All users who constantly work with a computer will surely have realized that the files we create with our applications that we usually use are getting bigger, even more so if we are of the time when diskettes reigned as the only means of storage, and completing one of them meant that we had worked too much. It should be noted that diskettes generally had a maximum capacity of 1.44 Mb.

The enormous size that the documents we create today can reach is basically due to the fact that we are adding more content to them, that is, images, audio, video, spreadsheets and all kinds of additions, which can be made with impressive quality, they add up to the size of the final document, and they can quickly reach several Gb. in size, which drastically decreases the possibility of sending or sharing them easily with our colleagues and friends.

Therefore in this post we will find the solution to the problem of sending heavy files, from the hand of some online services that can be very useful.

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While we know that as the documents we create grow in size, so do the means to store them, the truth is that from practically the beginnings of computer science there was always a problem at the time of Send these files to other people. One of the most used tools for this for some years is electronic mail, which is a more than viable option when we have to send documents, images, presentations and other files and works.

But unfortunately, by email we can send files up to a certain size, But what happens when we need to send a really large file?

In this sense,Gmail, the undisputed leader of webmail services, only allows you to send attachments of up to 25 megabytes,that it falls somewhat short with some types of documents, especially related to images. This means that from this size, we must look for some service to host these large files.

That is why in this post we will finda list with the best services to send and receive large files without any restrictions or problems, also with the security that our files will be protected against viruses and other threats.

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It should be noted that all services for send large files which we will name in this post work in the same way: We upload the file to the system and obtain a download link, which we will send to our contact to download on your computer.

We also have to keep in mind that These storage services offer a certain capacity for free, after exceeding, we have to think about buying some kind of membership.

However, at this point we should not worry, since many of them allow us to use up to 50 Gb, or even more, of Free space to send large files.

Send heavy files with FilesOverMiles

The vast majority of large file transfer systems over the Internet between two types of PCs, they need to install a P2P software or subscribe to an online service. None of this is necessary in order to use Without a doubt, it is one of the simplest and most efficient solutions when it comes to large file transfer.

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The online service requires only a Web browser equipped with Flash. And it is not necessary to register on the service page to take advantage of this resource. With two clicks enough.

How does it work? Not like others services designed for the purpose of sending large files, FilesOverMiles offers the possibility of performing the task without any need for any server to interfere in the process.

How to send files with FilesOverMiles

A real advantage of this service is that there is no type of limit in the size and format of the files to be transferred, and the user has the peace of mind that the files will not be stored on any server or location, but will pass directly from one computer to another, that is the function of FilesOverMiles.

Although it is a practical and extremely simple solution, as a potential user you should know that it is not the fastest option of all: the transfer can take some time.