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How to send heavy files – Tecnologa + Informtica

All users who constantly work with a computer will surely have realized that the files we create with our applications that we usually use are getting bigger, even more so if we are of the time when diskettes reigned as the only means of storage, and completing one of them meant that we had worked too much. It should be noted that diskettes generally had a maximum capacity of 1.44 Mb.

The enormous size that the documents we create today can reach is basically due to the fact that we are adding more content to them, that is, images, audio, video, spreadsheets and all kinds of additions, which can be made with impressive quality, they add up to the size of the final document, and they can quickly reach several Gb. in size, which drastically decreases the possibility of sending or sharing them easily with our colleagues and friends.

Therefore in this post we will find the solution to the problem of sending heavy files, from the hand of some online services that can be very useful.

send-heavy-files- (1)

While we know that as the documents we create grow in size, so do the means to store them, the truth is that from practically the beginnings of computer science there was always a problem at the time of Send these files to other people. One of the most used tools for this for some years is electronic mail, which is a more than viable option when we have to send documents, images, presentations and other files and works.

But unfortunately, by email we can send files up to a certain size, But what happens when we need to send a really large file?

In this sense,Gmail, the undisputed leader of webmail services, only allows you to send attachments of up to 25 megabytes,that it falls somewhat short with some types of documents, especially related to images. This means that from this size, we must look for some service to host these large files.

That is why in this post we will finda list with the best services to send and receive large files without any restrictions or problems, also with the security that our files will be protected against viruses and other threats.

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It should be noted that all services for send large files which we will name in this post work in the same way: We upload the file to the system and obtain a download link, which we will send to our contact to download on your computer.

We also have to keep in mind that These storage services offer a certain capacity for free, after exceeding, we have to think about buying some kind of membership.

However, at this point we should not worry, since many of them allow us to use up to 50 Gb, or even more, of Free space to send large files.

Send heavy files with FilesOverMiles

The vast majority of large file transfer systems over the Internet between two types of PCs, they need to install a P2P software or subscribe to an online service. None of this is necessary in order to use Without a doubt, it is one of the simplest and most efficient solutions when it comes to large file transfer.

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The online service requires only a Web browser equipped with Flash. And it is not necessary to register on the service page to take advantage of this resource. With two clicks enough.

How does it work? Not like others services designed for the purpose of sending large files, FilesOverMiles offers the possibility of performing the task without any need for any server to interfere in the process.

How to send files with FilesOverMiles

A real advantage of this service is that there is no type of limit in the size and format of the files to be transferred, and the user has the peace of mind that the files will not be stored on any server or location, but will pass directly from one computer to another, that is the function of FilesOverMiles.

Although it is a practical and extremely simple solution, as a potential user you should know that it is not the fastest option of all: the transfer can take some time.

send-heavy-files- (4)

To send large files using FilesOverMiles, We must follow the steps detailed below:

Step 1

The first thing we have to do is click on this link to access FilesOverMiles.

Step 2

To send a large file, click on the button Examine, located next to Do you want to send a file?

Step 3

After that, we select the large file that we want to transfer to another user.

send-heavy-files- (5)

Step 4

After the time it takes for the file to transfer, the service creates a link, which we must select with the right mouse button and click on the option "Copy".

Step 5

Once this step is completed, we will be in a position to be able to Share this link with the people to whom we want to send you the large file that we just uploaded to FilesOverMiles.

It should be noted that the link can be shared through email, through WhatsApp or any other system.

While FilesOverMiles It is very simple to use, we must consider leaving open the browser window that we use to upload the file to the service until the recipient (s) have received it completely, since closing shower sale cause the loss of the link.

send-heavy-files- (6)

This is how the service is revealed as simple as fast: this principle of operation allows us to avoid having to register or register. It should be noted that the maximum transferable file size depends directly on our PC and the available free RAM. In effect, the software uses the Flash transfer function, which previously claims the full load of the file into memory. The FilesOverMiles service does not impose any limitations.


WeTransfer is a service to pass large files that is relatively new in the market, which has achieved great popularity and users due to its ease of use. While it is not the one that offers the greatest capacity to pass large files, The truth is that when we require a simple and extremely fast method of doing so, we should think about WeTransfer.

As we mentioned, WeTransfer does not stand out for its ability to send large files, Since it only allows us to send files up to 2 GB, however, the simplicity of use makes it the most appropriate option when the file we have to send does not exceed this size.

send-heavy-files- (7)

Another advantage of WeTransfer is that to send large files we don't need to create an account in the service, and therefore we must not register each time we have to. We simply access your website and follow the instructions detailed there.

For send large files using WeTransfer, The only thing we have to do is the following:

Step 1

We access the service, what we can do by clicking on this link.

Step 2

Once on the main page of the service click on the button I agree.

send-heavy-files- (8)

Step 3

In the page that appears, click on Add your files. We select the file we want to send.

send-heavy-files- (9)

Step 4

While the service loads the file, we can use it to complete the other data, In the field Send mail to, Obviously the recipient. In the countryside Your mail and in the field Message We will put our email and a message to the recipient respectively.

send-heavy-files- (10)

Step 5

To finish, click on the button Send

Step 6

The only thing left is that the recipient (s) open the email and click on the link WeTransfer sent to start downloading the file.

How to send heavy files with 4Shared

There is no doubt that another great storage service with a lot of experience in the market is 4Shared. Through this service, we will be in the position of store up to 15 Gb. of files completely free of charge. Like many other great services of this type, it has tools for managing files for mobile platforms such as Android and iOS, in addition to web tools.

In the case of needing more space, we can make use of the option of acquiring a Premium version, through which we will obtain 100 Gb. Of space, in addition to eliminating any limitations related to download times or advertising. But nevertheless, 15 Gb. Of space to send a File is enough for most users.

4Shared is one of the most used storage services today, and that is due in large part to its ease of use, but also due to the possibility of accessing folders and their contents in a simple way, in addition to the good organization of the main functions.

send-heavy-files- (11)

All this makes 4Shared an easy and pleasant service to use. The web works in a kind of internal window in the search engine, very similar to a Windows window.

As in any good cloud storage service, the power function could not be missing get a unique link that allows us to share and send large files With colleagues and other users.

While in order to use 4Shared it is necessary to create a registration account, the truth is that the process is really easy to perform.

Step 1

The first thing is of course to access 4Shared, what we can do by clicking on this link.

Step 2

After that, we must click on Register. After that we select with the credentials with which we want to access the service between Twitter, Facebook, Google or an email address.

Step 3

After that, click on create account and enter the necessary data. Once these steps have been completed, we will be ready to use the service.

send-heavy-files- (12)

How to share files with 4Shared

Once we have created our account in 4Shared, To be able to send a large file we must perform the following steps:

Step 1

Click on the link Go up and select the large file we want to share. We wait for the same one to finish the service.

Step 2

Once we have uploaded the file (s) to 4Shared, the only thing we have to do to make them available to other users is to click on them with the right mouse button and select the option Get links

send-heavy-files- (13)

Step 3

When we press the option, another window will appear immediately, in which we must copy the link that appears there, what we can do again with the right mouse button.

Step 4

To finish, click on the button Done.

It should be noted that the link we just obtained from 4Shared for share a large file We can paste it in an email, WhatsApp or any other messenger applications.

Other alternatives to send heavy files


Another excellent system to send large files over the Internet. In this case,FileDropper stands out for its ease of use, since we only have to upload our file and get the corresponding link,which we will send to our contacts.

send-heavy-files- (14)

ThroughFilDropperWe will be able to send files up to 5 GB, however we can increase this figure by subscribing to the paid service offered by the company.Another advantage offered by the system is that it is not necessary to register in order to use it.

If you wish,you can try FileDropperby clicking on this link.


The main feature of Filemail is the possibility of sending files up to 30 Gb, a really important number,however, these will expire and will be removed from the service after 7 days have elapsed since they were uploaded.In this sense, it could also be taken as an interesting security measure.

send-heavy-files- (15)

In the event that the service seems useful to us, and we want to expand the capacity, we can do so by acquiring a paid account.Another great advantage of Filemail is that we can use the service without registering beforehand.

If you wish,you can try Filemailby clicking on this link.


Interesting tool oriented to the needs of basic users, since the service offered by the companycontemplates the possibility of sending up to 6 files with a maximum of 50 megabytes.

An optimal solution for speed and simplicity of use.In case we need to expand capacity,We can always choose to obtain a payment account.

send-heavy-files- (16)

If you wish,you can try send6by clicking on this link.


Like Filemail,the service offered by SendSpace It also expires, that is, the files we upload to it will be deleted, the only difference that will be deleted after 30 days.

Another difference is that the service allows ussend files up to 300 megabytes, Of course, we can always increase this capacity by acquiring a paid account, which allows us to keep the files for an unlimited timeand raise the size of the files to 10 Gb. Inclusive.

send-heavy-files- (17)

It should be noted that in this case,It is also not necessary to log in or register in the system to start using it.

If you wish, you can try SendSpacepulsando on this link.


Another veteran storage service with excellent reliability and stability. In this case,Mediafire does not differ too much from other services,since it allows us to store up to 10 Gb. of files for free. In case we need more capacity, we can buy an account,what we enable to store up to the incredible figure of 100 Tb.

send-heavy-files- (18)

BasicallyThe difference between Mediafire and other less known services is their permanence in the market.

If you wish, you can try Mediafire by clicking on this link.


Reborn from the ashes ofMegaupload, that online storage system intervened and then closed by the US FBI agency,Mega is a service that allows us to use 50 Gb. Of completely free space.

It also has the possibility ofupload a file and get the link to it to send it to our contacts,which makes it an ideal solution for both companies and individuals. Alsothe experience and the inherited structure of MegauploadThese are more than enough reasons to fully rely on their capacity and stability.

send-heavy-files- (19)

NotablyMega offers tools to manage storage directly from the desktop or from its version for Android.

If you wish,you can try Megaby clicking on this link.

Google Drive

If we use Gmail, there is no doubt that the Ideal complement to store and send large files by mail is Drive,Google’s online storage service.

If we have an account with Google,to attach a link with the files to download to our contacts it is not necessary to take another step, since the full integration between the different tools of the search engine giant allows this action to be simple and transparent.

send-heavy-files- (20)

Google Drive offers, in its basic and free version, 15 Gb. Of storage space, enough for any particular user. However, if we need to expand this range, we can purchase some of the packages for companies and powerusers, which they can even reach 1 Tb. capacity.

NotablyGoogle Drive can be used both from the desktopas from mobile applications designed toiPhone, iPad and Android.

If you wish,you can try Google Driveby clicking on the following link.

Microsoft OneDrive

Mentioning Google Drive in this post, it was more than obvious that we also had to name its main competitor, Microsoft OneDrive. Both services offer the possibility of upload and share large files through links, but definitely OneDrive runs with an advantage that the Google service does not have: OneDrive is fully integrated to Windows.

send-heavy-files- (21)

This makes the task a lot easier, since to share a large file that we just created the only thing we have to do is drag it to the OneDrive folder and then with the right mouse button click on the option Share a OneDrive link, after which we can paste it in any messenger app or in the email.

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