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How to SEARCH and ADD A CONTACT on Telegram

If you have received a @Name and want search and add the contact in TelegramThe following steps are shared to be able to include this contact as part of your notebook.

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How to find a contact on Telegram

Keep in mind that if you already have the contact record in your calendar, the only thing you should do is click on the pencil you will see as soon as Telegram opens, that is, below the chats and choose a contact.


In case of don't have contact in your agenda and therefore only have your name as a @name for Telegram, the steps are:

  • Once you open Telegran, you will find a pencil icon on the bottom. Click on it to enter.
  • In this case you will have an option to select a contact, since it is not in your calendar.
  • Click on the magnifying glass which is in the upper right.
  • In this field you need to enter the alias you have, such as @ CarlosJuan18. Note that it is not necessary to enter the @, Only what comes next.
  • As soon as the search is finished, the results of the search will appear on the screen. Remember that it is a global search.
  • Now pressures on the name and will finally reach the conversation.
  • From this moment it will be possible for me to speak everything I want with that person through his alias or name on Telegram.

How to add a contact in Telegram


  • Start by opening the application from the operating system you are in.
  • Once inside, you need to click on the three bars that are located in the left zone, at the top.
  • Next, a left side window will be displayed with multiple options.
  • Click on Contacts.
  • With the above, a central window will appear on the screen where you can search for the contact by entering the name or a keyword in the box that says Look for.
  • In case you don't have it in this notebook, you need to add it by clicking on Add contact.
  • At this time a small central window will open in which it will be possible to add the contact information, with data such as: name, surname, telephone number.
  • As soon as you configure each of the above boxes, click on the button Create.
  • Finally, that person has been added as a contact in Telegram and therefore you will be able to communicate with her

How to add a Telegram contact from a mobile phone

If you want to watch a video tutorial to add a contact on your Smartphone, we suggest the following:

Add contacts in Telegram by sending invitations

One of the advantages between the functions of Telegram is that you have an option to send invitations and therefore facilitate that the contact book is adapted through synchronization with the data of people from other platforms.

  • When you totally download the contact list, those that have not been installed in the Telegram application will appear.
  • In these cases it is only necessary to click on any of them to send an invitation or a warning message through different means such as an email, a text message and even WhatsApp.
  • Then the invitation will be sent with a link to the download page.
  • Once the person installs the Telegram application it will be possible for you to add that person as a contact on the platform.

Why contacts don't appear on Telegram


One of the common reasons why contacts on Telegram do not appear It has to do with the lack of time for information to be synchronized between the server and each person's own profile.

In that order of ideas, there is a possibility that you have already added it before, but that the list has not yet been updated, so it is necessary to give some time. Another reason why contacts may not be appearing on Telegram is simply because those people have not installed or do not regularly use the application, which is why it is impossible for them to establish a conversation with them through the app.

In this case it is suggested that you read the previous subtitle carefully add contacts on Telegram by sending invitations, to ask these people to install the app and therefore it is possible to chat with them through Telegram. You already added them, now you want to know how to delete contacts in Telegram? We invite.

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