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How to RECOVER a WORD Document

Microsoft Word It is an excellent writing application used by millions of people around the world. This application is included in the tool package developed by the company Microsoft called Office. So it is part of a large set of applications for desktop work.

Taking this into account, we must remember that although these applications are well developed, there is a human factor in its use. Therefore, it does not have to be strange for us to hear that someone (or ourselves) lost a document. If this is your case and you need to recover a lost file, this guide is specially prepared for you. So, simply by following the instructions we will explain, very soon you will be reading or writing In the file you needed.

Steps to Follow to Recover a Microsoft Word Document

One of the first actions we can take is to find the original file on our computer. In this way, if we use a device whose operating system is Windows, we will use your Seeker. For this we will have to click on the start button of Windows and select in the box of Look for. Within that box, we will write the name of the file from Word what do we need. Or in the case that we do not remember the name we have given it. We can write a part of your content and press the button Enter To start the search.

We will quickly be sent to a window that contains all possible search results files. Now, in case let's use the Mac OS operating system, we will use your Finder. For this, we will click on the Finder button and type the name of the file, as in the previous example.

Now, if looking for it didn't work for you, we will examine the recycle bin, since there is possibly ah. So, click on the trash can icon and enter to review all your files. But, in case there are many we can filter the view by right clicking and clicking on Watch. This option will allow us group the files, both by type (So we can search all the .docx files) or by modification date. You will use the one that is most useful to you, depending on the content provided in your recycle bin.

At this point, you have probably already found your file Microsoft Word lost. If so, congratulations! This search can really be very stressful. So, if you had a hard time looking for this lost document, be better to do something to prevent this in the future.

Taking this into account, we recommend that activate the option to make backup copies automatically For this, you just have to go to Microsoft Word Y click on the blue button in the upper left corner. You will immediately have to enter the section of Advanced Options. Within this sub-menu you will find the option to activate backups automatically. And ready!, now you will be protected for any possible eventuality or loss of your documents.

How to Recover a Word Document?

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How to RECOVER a WORD Document
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