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How to monitor system usage statistics in your Mac OS X's mens bar

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Like a car, your Mac needs to be monitored and taken care of to make it work as well as possible. While your vehicle comes with a ton of gauges to control oil, temperature and, in some cases, even tire pressure, your Mac does not have an easy way to control the use of low memory or high disk. Normally you will have to open the Activity Monitor to see usage statistics, but now there is something better.

MenuMeters , created by Alex Harper, add statistics on CPU, storage, memory and network usage directly to your Mac OS X's mens bar. Each type of meter is fully customizable and can be configured the way you want.

MenuMeters works for any computer running Mac OS X 10.4 and higher, including 10.10 Yosemite (which is what we are using).

MenuMeters can be downloaded for free, but make sure that you have allowed "Anywhere" applications to run on your Mac. To do this, go to System preferences -> Security and Privacy -> general . If you do not do so before trying to open the application, you can go to this same menu to allow an exemption directly after trying to open it.

You can install MenuMeters in your current user or for all users, but don't worry, you can assign multiple settings if you choose this last option.

You also need to enter your administrator password to complete the installation.

Step 2: Add new meters

MenuMeters is not installed in the Applications folder like other applications, but in the menu System preferences .

Within the MenuMeters settings, you can enable each individual meter, which contains different types of themes that can be applied, along with customizable colors.

If you are using the Dark mode in Yosemite, or the Obsidian menu bar in Mavericks, you must change the default color of the meter to white.

Now it is a piece of cake to know if you are running out of RAM or where that bandwidth is going.