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How to Make Videos with Photographs and Music without Downloading Programs

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You want create videos to give to your loved ones or friends But you don't have too much storage space on your computer, and why are you looking for an online solution rather than programs to download to your PC? Then you better keep reading, because in the following lines we will show you some good options that you should consider in these cases.

Let's show you, then, how to make videos with pictures and music without having to download programs.

The best websites to make videos with photos and music

KizoaKizoa (official website)

It is a website where you will be able to create all kinds of presentations and collages, in addition to editing photos or storing them for your videos. The best thing is that it has a huge amount of varied options, effects, music, animations, text and much more. Even once you have finished editing you can upload your videos to YouTube from the page.

PhotoPeach (official website)

Another website of the best in its segment, although it is a bit simpler than the one we have previously recommended. It is a good idea for those users who do not look for too advanced results nor to waste too much time. Of course, you will notice that your customization possibilities are a bit more limited than those of other sites.

PhotoSnack (official website)

A huge number of online tools to generate slides or varied presentations, in addition to being able to upload them directly to your social networks, as well as download images from sites such as Facebook or Instagram from their service. Once you have the images you want on hand, you must select one of the templates in question and the music. You can even share the result on the Internet in HTML5 format.

Slide.Ly (official website)

Of the best options when creating slides to share with our loved ones, and as in the previous cases you will have to add your images that are stored on Facebook, Instagram, Flickr or Google Photos. After that, it is time for you to choose the music you like best in the huge repertoire you have. When finished, you can share the project in any of your social networks.

Roxio PhotoShow (official website)

The Roxio PhotoShow application stands out because it is the one that allows us to generate the most advanced presentations among all those mentioned in this list of services to create videos with music and photos. You can add all kinds of personalization elements to your creations, such as animated examples, effects, bubbles, borders, stickers and many others.

How to Make Videos with Photographs and Music without Downloading Programs

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