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How to know the RAM speed of your computer

RAM is one of the most important components of your computer: it is responsible for loading and executing any software that you use on your PC.

So if you are trying to diagnose slow problems on your computer, or if you intend to update your device with more RAM, it is important to know what the speed of your computer's RAM is.

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How much RAM does my computer have?

Press the keys Windows + R to open the Run window.

Then write dxdiag in the dialog box and click To accept. A window will appear where you can see how much memory your computer has.

What is the speed of my computer's RAM?

Windows does not make it very easy to discover the speed clock of your RAM, that is why we need to use a software or third party program: CPU-Z

Install CPU-Z and you will run a program that analyzes your computer system by offering you a lot of useful information about your device, including the speed of RAM.

Click on the tab of Memory to find all the information related to RAM. What, in this case, you are looking for is the one next to the name DRAM Frequency

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