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How to know my phone number on Android?

How to know my phone number on Android? One of the most common things that can happen to someone is not knowing their phone number. The reasons are many. Currently, perhaps they use very little to call or call, so it is not frequent to have to type relatively frequently.

Would you like to know more? Follow this guide! About How to know my phone number on Android? Since the social networks took over the communication market, everything traditional has been displaced. It is likely that you have years with the same phone number or have recently changed it and just remember that you ever entered it to configure WhatsApp.

But, interestingly enough, if you find yourself in the predicament of needing to know your phone number, then we will show you several methods to easily locate it.

How to know my phone number on Android?

Even if you don't believe it, something that seems simple can be quite complicated. But here find quick solutions to solve your problem:

First method: Accessing the Settings or Configuration

Step 1. Press the main menu of your mobile device and specify the Settings or Configuration app. Before continuing, keep in mind that the various Android updates can make the customization layers of the sections vary from one device to another and the line where your phone number is located is different.

Step 2. In current versions, click on the Device information line. In older versions of Android, tap on About device (or About phone). This line is usually located at the end or near the end in the Settings menu.

Step 3. If you access from a device with an updated version of Android, it will appear as the first option Number. There you can see what your telephone number is.

Information section

If you have a device with an earlier version of Android, then, by clicking on About phone, then you must click on Status. Then, scroll down and locate the My phone number option.

In other versions, you will probably have to follow the following route: Settings> Phone information> Status> SIM status> Phone number.

Second method: Access WhatsApp or other apps that are activated through your phone number

The second method is much simpler. You just have to make use of your preferred messenger app: WhatsApp. To do this: Want to know more? Follow this guide! About How to know my phone number on Android?

Step 1. Open the WhatsApp app. Click on the configuration options, which are located in the upper right corner, easily recognizable by the icon of the three dots vertically.

Change MAC Address My MAC Address How to change MAC

Step 2. Once the options are displayed, click Settings. Click on the first line where your current profile picture appears to see your complete user profile.

Step 3. Swipe down and see there is your phone number.

telefono-whatsapp "class =" wp-image-25034 "srcset =" 1000w, https: //www.techmoviles .com / wp-content / uploads / 2019/06 / telefono-whatsapp-300x176.jpg 300w, 768w , 357w "sizes =" (max-width: 1000px) 100vw, 1000px "/></figure><p>NOTE: It is important to keep in mind that this method to know your phone number on Android will only be effective, if you have configured in that device the phone number that you want to locate, it may happen that you have changed the number and your WhatsApp remains configured with the previous telephone number.</p><h3> Third method: Call a friend</h3><p>This is not the option for the famous television game, but for you to find your telephone number. Well, to obtain it, you must dial the telephone number of some of your contact (whether you have it added or not) and ask for the favor of dictating your telephone number.</p><p>You can also take some random WhatsApp contact and tell you what is the telephone number that you have registered from you and to which you constantly communicate. This method is cheaper because not only the call is saved, but the uncomfortable questions that a situation like this entails. Would you like to know more? Follow this guide! About How to know my phone number on Android?</p><h3>Fourth method: Call your operator</h3><p>If none of the above options have worked for you, it is always necessary to call the operator and make the request. Of course, for this to be processed successfully, they must confirm your identity and thus be able to provide you with your telephone number.</p><h3>Fifth method: Locate the SIM card packaging</h3><p>It is likely that you still have the SIM card packaging of the telephone line. So don't waste any more time and place it. There they always write down the data corresponding to the telephone number. This is all. This is the guide on how to know my phone number on Android?</p><p></p><!-- WP QUADS Content Ad Plugin v. 1.8.17 --><div class=