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How to INSTALL ZPanel on Windows

This solution can turn a home or professional server into a complete web hosting server that is easy to use and manage. How to Install ZPanel on Windows to Create your Web Server?

ZPanel is a free web hosting control panel to download and use, designed to work effortlessly with servers or computers based on Microsoft Windows and POSIX (Linux, UNIX and MacOSX).

From the control panel, users can create and manage MySQL databases, email mailboxes, forwarders and distribution lists, as well as configure and host multiple domains on a server.

The software uses other free or open source software to provide a cost effective solution., free and "license".

ZPanel integrates seamlessly with MySQL, hMailServer (in Windows), Posfix (in Linux, etc.) and Filezilla (in Windows) or ProFTPd (in Linux, etc.).

ZPanel already drives web hosting companies, organizations and home users who want to host websites from home.

The software makes it really easy to offer a simple and easy way to automate hosting, E-mail, web or database.

How to Install ZPanel on Windows to Create your Web Server?

First of all make sure they don't have apache or mysql installed, a new installation is convenient since Zpanel installs all this.

You must put it as a windows service and take out those services is heavy is done one by one with the console. There should be no installation failures but it gets very complicated.

  1. You should preferably have windows 7 just installed.
  2. Then you have to know that the zpanel installer uses Visual Studio libraries.
  3. We download and install.
  4. Well we continue with the installation of the Zpanel kernel, there goes server, web, database, email, cron and several other things.

Download the Application Stack

  1. Then we have to download the php code, html that will be the graphical environment of the application.
  2. Download here Zpanel installer
  3. When installing we will not ask for our name: Pedro Prez for example.
  4. The user of the ZPanel, usually by default is zadmin and the password gives it to you to choose.
  5. Then the sub-domain where the application is going to be installed, example:
  6. In addition to telling them that it works with dynamic dns.
  7. Then you go to the browser you put and enter the control panel using your username and password.
  8. The Mysql database is user: root without a password, so you can see that if it works for you or if you enter a password.

How to install ZPanel on Windows?

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