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How to improve privacy in your WhatsApp profile

Hide last connection

WhatsApp last connection

WhatsApp has the possibility that our contacts can see when we last connected While it is something that can work well, it generates conflict. Since you may have briefly entered the app for something, and a person thinks you don’t read their messages on purpose. So in many cases, deactivating the time of this last connection, so that nothing comes out about it, is the best.

Hiding this last connection in the application is something simple, which we have already shown you. We have to enter the WhatsApp settings first and then go to the account section. There we find the privacy section. Within it is the last time option, where we can have it deactivated. So nobody will be able to see when we last connected in the app.

will get a new window, where to choose who can see our profile picture in the application (contacts, everyone or anyone), so that we can choose the option that is most convenient for us.

We can repeat the same with the profile information and with the states. In the privacy section we find all these options, which WhatsApp allows us to configure, so that only our contacts, the ones we have in the calendar, can see this information. So each user can choose the option that seems most interesting.