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How to get free rubs on Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart Tour rubies

If Mario Kart Tour fever has caught you, you are in the right place. And as we show you the best ways to earn free coins, in this article we will introduce you the best tips to get free rubies. So discover these fantastic tricks and enjoy the power and goodness of these jewels in the game. Let us begin!

Install the game and get your first rubs

Mario Kart Tour record "width =" 700 "height =" 418Each new player in Mario Kart Tour receives a total of 20 rubles just for installing and testing the gameThis may help you get started, but you definitely want to earn more. So there are many other tricks with which you can win rubies.

Start session every day and you will have your reward

Here there is no trick or anything really extraordinary. Simply, Start session daily and Mario Kart Tour reward you. In doing so you will get rubles that will allow you to have access to more characters and other elements of the game.

Do your best to level up

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As you compete and get victories, you gain experience points on Mario Kart Tour. In consecuense, every time you level up, you will receive some rubies. If you want to know the amount of rubes that you will get by going to the next level, you just have to touch the energy bar located in the upper left of the screen.

Do not forget the Gifts of the Tour

Currently, all players start their journey from the New York Tour. Enter the races and events and You will be awarded the so-called Tour Gifts. You only have to win the selected races and have enough Maxstresllas before you can claim your rubies and other prizes.

Get the best place in the glasses

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By participating and winning the events of the Classification Cups In the game, you win additional rubles. The amount of rubles received, be directly related to the position in which you finish the classification.

Complete the most challenges

There are many challenges highlighted in the game, in which you must complete specific objectives. And as a reward you can get rubies, as well as free superstars or badges. In this game mode you will find the Tour Challenges, Gold Challenges and Standard Challenges. So be sure to participate in all of them to win valuable free rubies.

These are the easiest ways to get free rubies on Mario Kart Tour. And if you know any other method, we invite you to leave us a comment.

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