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How to Change the Photo of a WhatsApp Contact Android and iPhone

WhatsApp is the main instant messenger application of the entire planet, and therefore, there are millions of users who try to understand a little better how it works, and how to get more juice from the experience of using it. In this particular case, we want to show you how to change the photo of a WhatsApp contact easily and easily, so you can customize it as you wish, and you no longer have to be subjecting yourself to what he is choosing.

An indispensable trick for WhatsApp

Well, as we said then, we are in the presence of one of the tricks of WhatsApp that simply can not be missing, because although we have friends, acquaintances or relatives who always keep the same photo in the messenger social network, there are others who put photos of their pets, their partner, or issues that have nothing to do with them, and we can get confused, with how problematic we know that is.

The truth is that after the claims of many users in this regard, finally WhatsApp decided to take action on the matter, and for that they have opted for a new functionality, which allows us to change the photo of the contacts in WhatsApp even if we are not experts in The matter. Therefore, Once you learn to perform this WhatsApp trick, you will no longer have to worry about those who usually change the profile picture inside the platform, and be much easier to avoid confusing you.

This new feature of WhatsApp, which is expected to be available in a very short time first of all for Android users, and then for those of other operating systems, such as iOS, Windows Phone or BlackBerry, It will forever change the way we consider the main messenger application, because we will have many more chances to customize it for ourselves.

According to most of the rumors, this new functionality that WhatsApp is expected to add shortly, will be available only for a few Android users, at least at the beginning, within the Privacy section. Then, it is expected that it will be very simple to place any image that makes us identify more of one of our friends or acquaintances. The interesting thing is that we are not obliged to change everyone's, but only those of those who interest us in a particular way.

Another minor detail about this new function is that of course, only we will have the possibility to see the new contact photo on WhatsApp, while the other person will not find out. Thus, a lover can put the picture of his impossible love without her knowing, and in other less happy situations, we have no doubt that anyone will place a derogatory photo of someone known in these circumstances.

For the rest, we don't know for sure how much this new feature of WhatsApp is finally available to all users, although we believe that it really should not be long, as we look forward to it.

How to change my WhatsApp image on iPhone?

Well, then if you already have your iPhone, We recommend that you previously look for the image that you will want to use as your new profile picture and know what folder it is in, since that way you will be able to save some time. Then, these are the steps to follow:

  • First of all turn on the mobile, or if it is already on, open the WhatsApp application
  • Within it you have to enter the Settings section that is located in the lower menu
  • All you must go to Profile
  • Then look for the box with the image you have as a profile photo so far or where you have not uploaded any previously, and click on Edit
  • Then you have to select if you want to take photo or select existing. In the first case, the Cmara app of your mobile will be opened so that you can make a capture, while in the second you will be able to choose an image of your Galley
  • Once you have selected the image in question, whether new or old, you can set it as your new profile image in WhatsApp

You can carry out this procedure as many times as you think is necessary., taking into account that in just a few seconds you will be able to establish a new profile picture in your WhatsApp account, to always have a current one or anything you prefer.

How to put a profile picture without cropping in WhatsApp?

And on the other hand, even many people who know what is the step by step to modify their profile picture on WhatsApp, they ask us how it is possible do it without having to crop the images. In those cases, follow this procedure:

  • The first thing you have to do is to carry out the previous procedure until the moment of selecting the new profile image
  • At that moment you see that before setting the image you have the possibility to rotate it so that it is rotated, as if lying
  • The next thing is to make a screenshot of what we see at that time, which will be stored in our gallery
  • We must exit all applications and return to the main menu of the device
  • Then re-enter WhatsApp and follow the procedure to change the profile image
  • When you have to choose one, go to your Galley and there choose the image that has been generated from the screenshot
  • When selecting, you have to rotate it again, so that it is in the original position it was in
  • Vers that at that time you can adjust the image to the size requested by the application, leaving only black side edges
  • At the end of the procedure, the image will have been published complete, without having to trim part of it

Have you been able to modify your profile picture on WhatsApp with this step by step?

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