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How to activate an Android account with Google Assistant

Google Assistant, the virtual assistant of the Mountain View company for smart phones and Android tablets, has hundreds of functions. Many of them linked to system applications, and our own apps. And inAndroid we have the function?Timers?, which among other things allows to make acountdown The most comfortable is, indeed, to use it through Google Assistant when, for example, we are cooking.

Maybe you are making pasta, for example, and you need to know when five minutes have passed and the pasta is already boiled –it happens to me-. For this reason, or for any other reason, use the function ofcountdown Our smart phone is really comfortable. Because we just have to tell you how much time you have to do it and, when that time passes, soundan alarm Notifying us that it is over. And doing it through Google Assistant is better, because we will not have to touch the mobile but simply tell it with the voice.

Establish a back account or timer with Google Assistant how do I do it?

It's really simple, we just have to combine the command?Ok, Google?, That works for'wake' to the virtual assistant with the command?Make a back account?, which is obvious what it is for. And we will do it in such a simple way as it is to utter the sentence completely:?Ok, Google, make an account back for X minutes?. Obviously, in this sentence we will replace the?X? for the exact time we want to pass until you notify us that the back account has ended.

And instead of saying minutes, we can say?X seconds?. And as in any other Google Assistant voice command, there are some other valid formulas with which we understand the same way and do exactly the same. Once you have finished the countdown and the corresponding alarm goes off, we can stop the alert sound by pressing with your finger on the screen; This, unfortunately, we can no longer do with the voice.

If we want, we can also set several timers. We just have to use the same formula, the same voice command, telling our smart phone in what time we want you to notify us for each of the back accounts that we are going to establish. It works in a similar way to alarms; the difference is that here we set a deadline, while alarms are set for a specific time without having to take into account the time that will pass until then.