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How Google will help you know which phones are the best to play

Call of Duty Mobile

Soon, be easier to know what are the best Android smartphones to play. In XDA-Developers they have discovered that Google will be working on a new certification that will be granted to those devices that are really trained to offer the best possible experience when running the most popular games. In this way, in addition, developers can be sure that their games will work as planned.

According to the official documentation, extracted from Android Compatibility Definition Document, for a device to receive this certification, it must comply with a series of technical requirements, which include the inclusion of modern and updated screen APIs and GPUs, in addition to supporting the version 1.1 of the Vulkan API. Proper management of RAM is also mandatory, so that the device allows applications to allocate at least 2.3 GB of memory before the system closes them.

Black Shark 2 Pro black

Given the rise of the “gaming smartphones” from firms such as Xiaomi, Honor, ZTE or ASUS, everything seems to point to the creation of this program by Google is intended to make those manufacturers who decide to join this trend, do so with devices that can really provide a satisfying experience, and that the coletilla gaming Do not become a simple claim with which to make your devices more attractive.

It is expected that, broadly speaking, this certification will work in a similar way to Android Enterprise Recommended program, in which Google collects those terminals recommended for companies and professionals based on a number of factors.

Although for now not much is known about the new certification, a job offer published by Google a few months ago suggests that the position of Manager of the Developer Relations Program for Android Game Device Certification will already be covered, specifically by Peter Cardwell, a former Microsoft employee.

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