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Hacking WiFi: Everything you have to know

TheWi-Fi network securityIt is a topic that worries both novices and professionals, and both types of users have something in common:They know that a Wi-Fi network must be secure.And for this we hide the identity of our network through the tools provided by the router and use passwords, in addition to many other measures that often have more reassuring value than a true security value.

However, despite all the measures we can take, we may not be as sure as we think. Outside there are many unscrupulous people who want to take our WiFi signal, either to be able to connect to the internet for free or to access our system and from there to our devices, in order to find out something with which to be able to harm us.

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If you want to be prepared to face any security threat in our WiFi network, do not stop reading this post, where you will find a lot of information to navigate and perform our daily activities with total security that nobody is spying on us.

Is it easy to hack a WiFi connection?

As one of the first measures that we have to take, it is necessary that we really learn which of the security measures that we can implement are effective or not, that is, if they really serve when stop the attack of a trained hacker.

That is why from this point, we will show you the security measures in more common and widespread WiFi networks among users, and we will comment which of them really are useful for avoid or reject a hacker's attack and which serve simply for users without much knowledge.

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a) Network SSID hiding

Security throughthe obfuscation procedureIt has been a long time since it has been crossed, to such an extent that anyone with a minimum level of knowledge and the right toolsYou can access our hidden network.

The only users who will truly be harmed in the case of applying this method are the legitimate users of this network, that is, all those who use it for their daily tasks,which cannot see us when they try to connect with their computers.

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But for the hacker it’s not a problem,with your tools you have already been able to identify our networkand he is putting hands to work to access it. The only thing he needs is the password, which is why we must place special emphasis on creating a good password.

b) WEP passwords

Type passwordsWEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy),best known for its translation into SpanishWired Equivalent Privacy It is a fairly old way of providing security to a wireless network.

Unfortunately, while they are easy to configure,the hundred is that they are extremely simple to decipher,it is only enough to use specialized software tosniffnetwork traffic around the device. You can even find in the router market thatwill automatically decrypt any wireless network protected with WEP passwordsto relay and reuse it.

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In this case, the best advice that can be given is never to use passwords of this type, since we could be at serious risk. Insteadwe should always use passwords of the WPA2-PSK type,They provide much greater security. If our devices do not have WPA capability, it is best to get rid of them and modernize with routers that are compatible with the WPA standard.