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Google WhatsApp that works without an Internet connection

Let's be realistic, lText messages are the most outdated messaging service: They do not support read confirmations, group messaging functions or animated emoticons that people usually share in applications such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Telegram. They depend on a network connection: if your mobile phone is not connected to a signal, you cannot send or receive text messages. In addition, they are limited to 160 characters. Its popularity was growing until the 90s, when they stopped evolving, although the shape and operation of the mobiles changed. The appearance of Apple's iPhone and smartphones did not mean a change in SMS. Now, RCS Chat is committed to changing all that.

What is RSC Chat?

The Rich communication services (RCS) are a protocol between mobile operators and phones. The general objective of RCS Chat is replace SMS and MMS messages, the formats with which we are all familiar and that have existed for years, but that have certain limitations. The RCS protocol It was created in 2007 and its creation was initiated in 2008 by the GSM Association (GSMA), the commercial agency of the industry that represents mobile operators worldwide. In 2016, The GSMA established a "Universal Profile", a set of standards that all mobile operators, phone manufacturers and software providers They can use to help implement RCS Chat on devices. RCS Chat messages are very similar to WhatsApp, since with this messaging system you can Send instant texts and multimedia files through the data network without the need for the Internet. It appears as a rival competitor service of Apple's iMessage and Whatsapp Messenger, although there are some subtle differences in how these services operate.

What is the advantage of RCS Chat?

RCS Chat vs SMS

The great advantage what's wrong with it RCS SMS Chat, is that Allow users to send rich and verified messages. This means that the messages they may include more information, so that it allows users to send messages with photos, videos and audio messages.

They also have the option of make video calls instead of having to rely on third-party software, create groups and verify read confirmations and indicators that show that other users are writing a message. Another advantage of RCS messages is that are not restricted to the 160 character limit which is currently in SMS messages. They are features that Apple iMessage, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger have offered for some time, but, now, Android phones can have all this in one application. Similarly, the Business I also know benefit from the advantages of RCS Chat to send air tickets, package delivery notifications and credit card fraud alerts.

Google is quin supporting RCS Chat

Many companies, included software operators, manufacturers and suppliers, have promised their support for the RCS messenger, but the biggest support gives Google. The technology giant has tried to improve this service in recent years, as it wants include it in all Android phones. Google est implementing the new functions offered by the RCS protocol in a chat and is part of the existing Android Messages application, along with SMS and MMS.

Although the application is spreading on Android phones, You can download it from Google Play; the rate of Adoption and success of RCS messages depend on mobile operators. You should keep in mind that If you pack an RCS message to someone whose phone or mobile network does not support this protocol, it will be sent as a regular text message, but this conflict is trying to resolve it, for example, Google and Samsung have collaborated to ensure that the RCS application works and is implemented as part of Android messages and Samsung messages.