Google does not manufacture Chromebooks or more Pixel phones

Google does not manufacture Chromebooks or more Pixel phones

During the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, ​​Spain, Google held a small meeting with journalists in which there were some announcements that ended certain speculations.

The Vice President of Hardware, Rick Osterloh, took that time to reveal that for now Google has no plans to continue adding products to its family of Pixel branded laptops. The company is also not manufacturing any additional units of the current Pixel 2015 models, although they are already sold out.

If we go to the Google Play Devices section there is also no sign of a laptop with Pixel brand. Instead, customers will find Chromebooks from other manufacturers. These include the $ 449 Samsung Chromebook Plus, the $ 300 Acer Chromebook R11, the $ 300 Acer Chromebook, and some other additional options.

The Chrome OS platform continues as an alternative to Windows and MacOS. Osterloh said Google has “the number two market share in the US. and U.K. ” But despite that, there is no plan to continue producing Google branded laptops at this time, although this could only be a temporary withdrawal from the notebook market.

The statement is interesting given that the Windows platform dominates most of the PC market, followed by MacOS 10.12 (2.75%) and Linux (2.27%). Regardless, Chromebooks are a big business in the educational and economic notebook sectors. Moreover, the owners say they are very happy with their Chromebooks due to their ease of use, speed and stability.

Google's first Pixel laptop arrived in February 2013. Like its successor, the unit served as an emblem for Chrome OS, suggesting that other manufacturers should strive to create their own Chomebook solutions. The second model arrived in March 2015, raising the bar with high-end components, larger system memory capacity, AC wireless connectivity, and more functions.

Google may not need to manufacture another flagship product because the quality of third-party solutions for Chromebook has increased over the years. The Chromebook HP 13 is a good example, with a base price of $ 500 dollars. The most expensive starting point ($ 1,040) consists of a sixth-generation Core m7-6Y75 processor, 16 GB of system memory, 32 GB of internal storage and a 13.3-inch screen with a resolution of 2,560 x 1,440.

Despite Google’s current pause in the notebook market, Pixel’s name isn’t dead. Google's Pixel-based smartphone has proven to be very popular, causing supply problems and the inability to meet consumer demand. The company also has the $ 600 Pixel C tablet that is based on Android 7.0 "Nougat" and not the Chrome operating system.

Having said that, more Pixel devices can be on the way. Osterloh said that future products that use the Pixel name are based on Google's concept of building a product that integrates its own software and hardware. And for now, it seems, laptops are not part of that plan.

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