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From very small to very small letters! (and vice versa!)

Imagine the following situation, we have a complete text written in some word processor, such as Microsoft Word, and although we have written this text correctly in uppercase and lowercase letters accordingly, we need the text to be all in large letters, or vice versa.

In this situation we should not despair, since there is no need to start transcribing the entire text manually, which, depending on its extension, can become a more than tedious task.

Fortunately, most text processing programs offer us a series of functionalities that allow us to perform this work almost automatically, just by pressing a couple of keys on our keyboard.

In this article we tell you what are the procedures that should be used to pass a text from uppercase to lowercase and backwards, in a simple and fast way.

Capital letters

Prior to delve into the use of the upper and lower case letters as the case may be, and prior to knowing the procedures for carrying out the font change in a word processor on the computer, let's see what differences exist between the two.

The first thing we should know is that the etymological origin of the word mayscula It comes from Latin, and derives from the word maisculus, which arises from the conjunction of maior, what does it mean higher, and the suffix -cula, which refers to diminutive.

Therefore, we can point out that When we talk about something that is very large we are referring to something larger or larger than the common type or species. That is why when we say that a letter is of the mayscula type, which we refer to simply as mayscula, We are indicating the difference between it and its corresponding lower case letter.

Logically we can infer that a lower case letter is smaller than its corresponding letter, since the latter is characterized by having a larger size, as in many cases it also has a different shape.

Use of maysculas

Since childhood, when we go to school, they have taught us that The use of the capital letters is determined by a series of orthographic rules. In general, we should use the letters when we start a new sentence or a paragraph, after there is a period.

Also the use of capital letters is used for proper nouns, which includes names of people, countries, cities, trademarks and others, as well as in divine attributes, such as when in a religious text we mention the Lord, or to write the name of study courses, such as Medicine, or when We use the degree of training of a professional, for example a Doctor, or a political position as President.

But The use of the capital letters of the correct orthographic form is not limited only to these examples. The main letters are also used in the acronym (example: AFIP, FBI, NASA), in certain words included in judicial and legislative texts (example: LOCATORY, OWNER, EXPONE).

While the use of the films, according to the orthographic rules should be limited to these aspects mentioned above, the truth is that when we enter the internet world we will see that many times the capital letters are used on various occasions that are not included in these rules, we will even find full sentences and paragraphs written all in large letters.

A few years ago, before the explosion of popularity of social networks, The main letters were commonly used in chats, in order to express a shout, that is to say to indicate to our interlocutor that the written phrase we were shouting.