Oculus Quest

First impressions of the independent game viewer

Oculus Questis the new viewer model for the virtual reality of Oculus.Advance orders started onApril 30th,but before the end of May (the submissions beginMay 21) It is not possible to have it in your hands.

However, we had the opportunity to try a copy of the new viewer and, pending thereviewcomplete To be published these days, we decided to inform you about our first impressions.

Oculus Quest, in the line of Oculus Go, is a virtual reality viewerautonomous and wirelessThis means that there is no need for additional devices to use them, if it is not a smart phone for a first configuration, and that it does not need to interfere with the cables that are connected to other devices (PC, Console or similar).

Oculus Quest feature

Oculus Quest

There are two peculiarities that distinguish it from all other independent or similar screens: 4 cameras on the frontYTwo fantastic touch controllers. The4 camerasallow to Oculus Questtrack the surrounding environment: In fact, you can draw virtual boundaries to stay within a safe area and not border your movements.

Also because most of the games that can be purchased for OculusQuest They are his strong point of interactivity: between ping-pong, tennis, bowling, boxing games, role-playing games with swords and shields, horror and anything else, movement. They are on the agenda.

And there are not only games, in addition to the classic services for multimedia content of various types, there are also 360 documentaries and movieswhich also allow you to visit seabed or several other places in the world.

Usage Details

The touch controls they are one of the strengths of Oculus Quest. In fact, they replace your hands, and after a few minutes you will understand what buttons to press or where to place your fingers to form the closed fist, raise the (virtual) index to press the buttons and so on.

The movement tracking is practically impeccable in almost all occasions. In the review we will go into more details, but for the moment we can tell you thatI was surprised by the overall quality of the product (packaging, construction quality, sharpness of the screens) and the virtual reality experiences we tested.

Price and availability

Oculus Quest

As we said, Advance orders opened on April 30 to through the official websiteand through other business partners that you should always find indicated on the official website. Prices start at 399for the version equipped with64 GB of internal memoryto reach 499required for the version equipped with128 GBInternal memory