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Facebook will hide the likes just like Instagram

Facebook is one of those tech giants that never end up innovating. They are continually adding and removing while experiencing changes with users. The last one seems to be aimed at hide the likes of Facebook posts.

If we look a little back and pull from memory we may sound this to eliminate in a stroke the "likes" harvested by a publication. And is that the company has used Instagram as a testing ground for this new look.

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According to the latest reports, Instagram likes will have disappeared from countries like Brazil or Canada in which only the author knows how many hearts his publication has.

On Facebook the mechanics seem to follow the same pattern. The likes count (and other reactions available) to be hidden and only appear the name of some user that we have in common and has reacted.

That s, if we click on the likes we will see a list of all who have given thumbs up or to any of the available reactions, but we will never have the total number in front of our eyes

Image - Facebook would hide likes just like Instagram

As happened with Instagram, Facebook is performing tests with some specific users. A probe balloon that, if it returns positive results, may be deployed throughout the world.

Why does Facebook hide likes?

The comparisons are hateful. More still in social networks where the vast majority of publications revolve around the happiest facet of the daily life of users.

Trips to a paradisiacal beach, festivals, poses and selfies of all kinds reap hundreds (if not thousands) of likes. On rare occasions, real life is shown, where not everything is happiness, expensive cars and spectacular landscapes.

This can negatively impact much of users with lives that seem more boring and do not publish photos because they do not reach the same number of likes as their friends, family or other users of the social network in general.

What Facebook wants is for us to share more. Not being conditioned by the number of likes what are we going to get, surely we decide to publish more photos. That translates into more hours in front of the social network and more interactions.

Despite having been running on Instagram for a few months, the company has not publicly communicated its results. Although seeing it now transferred to Facebook can mean that they have been positive.

This way he wants Facebook hide likes in posts. The tests on Instagram continue their course seeking to download the importance of likes and trying to eliminate the page of toxic and competitive social network.

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Facebook will hide the likes just like Instagram
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