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Download best boxing game for your Android: Boxing Star

Android sports games have a good share, although they are more arcade-style than pure simulation. If we delve into the type of sport we will try now, the boxing, it would cost to find a good amount of games, but not one that dominates over all: that is Real boxing. At least until it has appeared Boxing star, another good sign that arcade can be joined to simulation to achieve a great mobile game.

Boxing star It is a boxing game in which we will face the different opponents in the ring to get the World Champion belt. The mechanics that follow this title is that of plot movements, something that makes it easy to use while magnifying the experience. And it looks even more magnified by the graphics: Boxing Star looks really good.

It is a recent game in the Google Play Store that is accumulating a good amount of downloads and favorable opinions. It is not surprising since it has a lot of quality and also fun; with a visual style characterized by 3D graphics. You will have guessed it: to appreciate these graphics well you need a more or less powerful mobile.

Boxing Star, a realistic boxing game that does not deviate from the arcade path

Download best boxing game for your Android: Boxing Star

I have been playing this boxing game for a long time and the truth is that I loved it even though I am not too much a fan of this contact sport. Boxing star It has some easy controls, but not incomplete: although the control is by strokes you need to memorize a few to simulate all the movements of the boxer. This helps the game offer a higher learning curve than for any arcade title, something to be appreciated.

Download best boxing game for your Android: Boxing Star

As soon as you start, you have to control the tutorial. Learn the movements, how to dodge, the ways of throwing bulkheads … And learn to win the first fights with the only help of the strokes. The emotion is guaranteed, also the spectacularity: both the graphics and the effects on the blows are very successful. Boxing star You'll like it even if you're not excited about boxing, as is the case with me.

Download best boxing game for your Android: Boxing Star

One of the problems is that Boxing star embrace the freemium model, with what that entails. It doesn't offer too much pressure on purchases, but they are there. And also includes ads, something common today in almost any Android game. Even so, the experience is really positive: Boxing Star is a game that leaves KO boredom.

Download Boxing Star for your Android now and have fun hitting bulkheads

It is already available in the Google Play Store, so you just have to go to the Android app store to get your copy of Boxing star. It is a joy and a good way to take away all the stress of the day. Watch out for that hook!