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Brick Dungeon is a free casual to play

Brick Dungeon brings us those pleasant memories With the mythical Arkanoid block breaker. A title for Android with a retro air thanks to its visual style in pixel art and those nostalgic coins for the theme of destroying blocks, although here we do not have to deal with a demon ball that we have to bounce.

The gameplay goes the other way by having to destroy those blocks by directing the trajectory of a series of shots that will bounce off the walls and in the blocks against which they collide. As in other games like that, those blocks will have a life span. An interesting casual for being in Spanish and for having a difficulty curve that does not prevent us from continuing to play.

The brick dungeon gameplay

Virtually Brick Dungeon takes us to a dungeon in which our only way out is to destroy those blocks that come upon us. Each turn of ours will allow us to launch a series of projectiles that will collide with the walls and blocks until they have just been eliminated.

Brick dungeon

Our objective is steer the projectiles well so that they get more rebounds and reach the largest number of blocks with a burst of shots. After the turn of shots, the blocks in the dungeon will move a row until a point arrives that begins to harm us.

Every time they hit us it will mean one less point of life and as we have 3 hearts, you can imagine what will happen when they finish, to start over. Thus we have the Brick Dungeon game base that becomes a casual more than acceptable to enjoy for a good few minutes with no more eagerness than this.

Improve your statistics to do more damage and more

Every time we pass a level we can collect the coins earned to try to improve some of the statistics we have. For example, we can improve projectile damage, the number of projectiles we cast each turn, or increase the base's life points.

Brick Dungeon on Android

We also have the artifacts, but for now we have not been able to discover what it is. With these improvements we can increase our victories and eliminating those blocks that have more life points and are more difficult to remove.

One of its details are the different game modes. We have the endless dungeon, and that we will need ten keys to open it, the treasure dungeon with 5 keys and the normal way with its levels to progress properly and find the most complex levels.

An offline game

We are a little tired of always having to depend on playing online, especially for the subject of the data that many of those games need in order to generate publicity. If we talk about what Brick Dungeon doesn't need internet You are already assuming that you will not find in this game. In other words, you will be able to enjoy a puzzle very well done and with enough care so that it becomes your casual for the summer; or at least one of the many that you will play.


Technically it is not bad and highlights that visual art in pixel art. Offers a very good gaming experience To enjoy quietly. Pixel art is more than good and with its sound effects it gets us hooked so that we don't despise it enough and move on to something else or a casual title; How could this be?

Brick Dungeon is a casual that is left to like and for fans of this type of games it is a very interesting arrival. It does not have many reviews, but a game must be vitiated to know it closely. Give it a try because it deserves it. Especially since it does not invade us with advertising, the freemium, the loot boxes and those things that make us hate some games as happened yesterday with Bad Roads Go.

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Brick dungeon

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  • Brick dungeon
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  • Mix of casual, action …
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  • Pretty easy at first

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