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Best IPTV M3U apps 2019

In this post we wanted to make a list of the Best IPTV M3U applications to watch the World Cup Russia 2019 matches. But also, they serve to see any other content on a cell phone with Android, Fire TV Stick, TV Box, Kodi, etc.

It is very possible that some of them you have already used, otherwise, we invite you to download and install them. Many of them are compatible with all versions of Android, they can even be installed with an emulator on a PC.

Apps to watch free TV, not only serve to See Russia 2018 qualifying matches. Also, some of them have content such as: movies, series, anime, novels, doramas, documentaries, news, etc.

Live Net TV apk

If you live in Spain and want to see all the matches of your selection, you have to download and install Live Net TV. This application has about 2000 channels worldwide, but it has a category especially with Spanish net tv apps iptv android to watch the world cup russia 2018

In a previous post we talked a little deeper about this apk, it has many 100% functional channels. It is very unlikely to stop working, it has administrators who are always on the lookout for everything to work.

(alert-note) This app can be installed on any device that has an Android operating system. Unfortunately it is not compatible with Apple devices. (/ alert-note)

Kraken TV APP: Live football for mobile

Kraken TV one of the favorite apps on the web, we had the opportunity to try it and we could give it a good rating. Their sports channels are almost always online / online. It is made specifically for Android smartphones, but we can use it on a Fire Tv Stick.Kraken TV IPTV Android Apps to Watch the World Cup Russia 2018

Even with a Chromecast we can play all your channels on our smart tv. If you have a laptop with Windows 7/8/10, we can use an emulator to install it.

NOTE: This application has a bonus (it has channels for adults, adults +18, Brazzer and Playboy channels).

MiCine app for Android & iPhone

At the beginning of the post we mentioned that in this list we will have applications that in addition to movies, also provided series and movies. As MiCine is one of them, this app offers us a lot of content to play it on our cell phone.Micine Android IPTV applications to watch the World Cup Russia 2018

It is one of the few apps that have stable channels, perfect for watch the world cup free on Android and iPhone / iPad. It does not have much publicity and it works in a stable and fluid way, a point in favor is that it does not have exaggerated publicity, it is moderate and little annoying.

You can download and install my cinema on cell phones like Samsung galaxy, Motorola, Huawei, Lanix, even on iPhone & iPad.

APK Mega Player: Compatible for Android TV Box

With mega player we can access many live payment channels for free, we will be able to See all the matches of the 2018 World Cup Russia from our cell phone.mega player iptv android apps to watch the world cup russia 2018

Your IPTV list of Latin channels are always in operation, we can install it on any cell phone with Android. We can also install it on a Windows computer, just like any other app in this operating system.

(alert-note) This application so that it can work for us, at the time of opening it we must place the following remote m3u list: (/ alert-note)

This app is inevitable in the lists of the best Android apps to watch live TV for free. Thanks to its sports channels we can watch the world cup for free on a tablet or smartphone.iptv player latino apps iptv android to watch the world cup russia 2018

Like all the apps on this list it has a bit of publicity, however, we We have found the modified version that has no ads. They will be able to enjoy all their content without interruption of the advertising banners.

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MXL IPTV: live channels to watch the World Cup Russia

The MXL IPTV apk is an application that not only has sports / soccer channels, but also has a long list of movies and series. We can play full episodes and seasons of the TV shows that we like the most.mxl iptv apps iptv android to watch the world cup russia 2018

The iptv channels that broadcast live They are usually of new quality in FULL HD and only some have in SD. It is an app that usually has updated content so that there are no connection problems.

Remember that all Android applications are compatible with the versions: Lollipop, Kitkat, Froyo, Nougat, Marshmallow and Oreo. They can even be installed on a PC.

Free live TV and online radio FM Zalunu apk

Zalunu or also known for Free live TV and FM online ratio, is perfect for watching live football matches for free on any Android device. One of the options that may interest us is the fact that we can add channels manually with iptv m3u lists.zalunu apps iptv android to watch the world cup russia 2018

It has a very wide list of different pass channels such as: Argentina, Venezuela, Uruguay, Switzerland, Syria, Australia, Germany, Brazil, Belgium, Chile, China, Colombia, Cuba, Denmark, Egypt, Ecuador, France, United States, Senegal, Russia, United Kingdom, Dominican Republic, Portugal, New Zealand, Mexico, etc.

The extra we can find in this application is the fact that we can listen to radio from around the world. We can filter your content by languages ​​or passes. We will make a special post to detail all of this apk.

Sport TV App to watch live games online for free

Other Free live soccer app on a mobile is Sport TV, this apk as the first in the list, has about 1500 online channels from different parts of the world.application to watch the world matches on android

We can filter your content of this application, we can even watch football matches They are being broadcast live. Later we will make a specific post for this marvel of application.

This is one app to watch Argentine soccer live, since it has channels from different countries. Among them from Peru, Spain,

Programs to watch live football matches for free on PC

If you want to have these applications installed for see the qualifying matches On your PC, we recommend installing an Android emulator on your computer.

With the emulator they will be able to install all the applications in this list, in addition they can test each one of them. It is not very difficult since only the emulator is downloaded, installed and ready.

In the following video you will be able to see the installation process of the best Android emulators for computers.

(alert-success) This will be all about best iptv m3u applications to watch the 2018 World Cup matches on an Android phone. If you have an app that you want to recommend, write us in the comments, greetings. (/ alert-success)

Best IPTV M3U apps 2019
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