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Before hiring Fi Network read this

Fi Network It is a virtual mobile phone operator, with very low rates and relatively good coverage. If you are here it is because maybe you have thought about hiring their services. We will tell you more about this service, after reviewing some Fi Network reviews and other important data you should know.

FiNetwork rates with unlimited calls and data that accumulate month by monthFiNetwork rates with unlimited calls and data that accumulate month by month

Fi Network: rates

Fi Network It is a new virtual mobile operator that entered to compete with very attractive rates for users. Paying the right price has been his motto since the first day. In Spain, the opinions of Fi Network they have been favorable, especially among the young public, their main target. At first, there is no lack of who will link it with another virtual operator, Google Fi, but the truth is that they have little to do with it.

Fi Network It is an independent virtual mobile operator. That is, it does not belong to any of the large telecommunications groups. However, since it is an OMV, it needs the infrastructure of another operator to be able to fulfill its services. Something indispensable if you are looking for a favorable impression on the Fi Network reviews.

Fi Network Services

The services of this operator are defined: TALK and NAVIGATE. Although they also offer fiber optic and rural WIFI. Something very important, do not impose permanence. As mentioned before, its competitive prices seek to attract the attention of young people and favorably influence the Fi Network reviews for its low prices

We can already intuit why Fi Network It is "fashionable" in Spain. Its promotional campaign has been reinforced with television advertisements, which makes it more known in the market. And also that attracts the attention of its potential customers, for its competitive prices that are roaming the range of the cheapest in the market. Its flag rate is € 14.90 per month, to enjoy 15 GB and unlimited calls. This promotion, not negligible, has put them at the top of the ranking of the best rates in Spain. Undoubtedly, a favorable point when issuing opinions of Fi Nerwork.

FiNetwork offers in rates

With rates designed for each user, for those who only use the mobile to call for example, there are several FiNetwork tariff options:

  • 100 minutes for 3.90
  • Unlimited calls for 6.90 per month VAT included.
  • Or rates with Fi Network data such as 5GB with 300 minutes on calls for 7.90
  • 7 GB with unlimited calls for 9.90
  • 10GB with unlimited calls for 10.90
  • 20GB and unlimited calls for 14.90 or 30GB for just 19.90 per month VAT included
  • The data: All Fi Network rates go with free sms and 4G + coverage.

Fi Network The internet service is not yet available nationwide. At the moment it is limited to Alicante and Murcia. Internet rates in these regions are:

  • 50 Mbps symmetric fiber for 19.90 euros
  • Rural Wifi at 20/5 Mbps for the same price.

Important: Fi Network is the first operator to accumulate gigabytes from the previous month and use them at zero cost during the following month, even share it with other friends, family or acquaintances. Because spending the minimum, but having it all is possible thanks to the new operator who arrives to stay and who is willing to conquer the telephone and fiber market.

Fi Network reviewsFi Network also offers internet connection service

Fi Network reviews

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The mobile phone of Fi Network It is focused on rates. All are contract, so prepayment is not an option. At least for now.

One of the most commented advantages that are part of the opinions of Fi Network is that it allows you to accumulate the gigabytes that you have over the end of the month Thus, you can enjoy what you have already paid whenever you need it and whenever you want.

How to contract to Fi Network

If you want to activate a contract with Fi Network, the company send the necessary SIM card to your address. When the delivery is effective, they will inform you when you start having the service.

If you come from another company, you will have to do a portability to Fi Network. In this case, the operator himself is responsible for making the necessary paperwork to make the change.

Fi Network, customer service

Fi Network use the Vodafone network to provide mobile coverage service, so that you can enjoy one of the best mobile coverage in Spain.

You will no longer be served by a computer. Fi Network offers the telephone as the main communication 900 525 948, which you can call for free to resolve doubts, incidents, make contracts and other procedures. The phone is operational from 9:00 am to 10:00 pm, every day of the year, Monday through Sunday. This favorably affects the Fi Network reviews.

The phone is the preferred channel for Fi Network to communicate with its users. However, there are other channels that you can use to access customer service from Fi Network: email and social networks: Facebook, Instagram. Twitter and Linkedin.

Fi Network reviewsRoaming service favors Fi Network opinions

Fi Network It gives great importance to the use of the mobile phone abroad. If you are in another country in Europe, the same rate you pay in Spain remains. There is no increase in this regard. Another aspect that acts in favor of Fi Network reviews. On their website they identify it as: rates for travelers.

Fi Network It has made agreements with other foreign operators, which facilitate traffic through the visited network.

Fi Network Roaming

To activate roaming in Fi Network You can call +34 693 81 26 62 or +34 966 39 27 27. When you are abroad, you can select the network automatically or manually.

To select a network, go to the network settings menu of your mobile. Look for the SELECT MANUAL NETWORK option. You choose one of the network operators that are available. Once the network is selected, restart your mobile to connect. If it does not connect, restart again and select a different network.

If you cannot browse the internet, go to the phone settings and check that the data roaming option is enabled.

So don't wait any longer and start enjoying Fi Network and smate at Fi Network reviews.