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As being the multiplayer mode of Dr. Mario World

Dr. Mario World

As we announced a few days ago, on July 10, Nintendo will officially launch a new Mario game for mobile devices. We are talking about Dr. Mario World, a reissue of this classic that will be available for free for download and that We can now book in the Play Store.

While day 10 arrives, the Nintendo guys show us a preview of how multiplayer mode will work, a way with which we will be able to compete with other friends. As we can see this mode looks very good, it looks like it will give us many hours of fun with our friends.

In Dr. Mario World we will have at our disposal many of Mario's usual characters, although we will most likely have to go through the box to be able to get hold of them. The mode of monetization that it will offer us is a whole unknown. With the expected Super Mario Run, Nintendo chose to unlock the entire game in exchange for 10 euros, which was not worth a lot of criticism, but also made that title has been the one that has generated less income on mobile devices.

Another of the negative points that we are going to find in Dr. Mario World is that it is necessary, yes or yes, an internet connection to enjoy the game The main reason for this decision by Nintendo is that it prevents piracy, both within the application and in the purchases that can be made within it.

While it is true it is a negative point, the amount of data it requires hardly affects our data rate. On July 10 we will leave doubts and our partner Manu, video game expert, He will tell you all the details of the new Nintendo title for mobile devices.

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