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Apple replace the iPhone battery for $ 29

When apple I issued the apology statement on December 28 On how to address the problem of your device's batteries, it seems that one of the big mistakes I made was how to address the problem. Manzana introduced the code in one of its routine updates of the operating system of its mobile devices, providing a solution so that the battery of the devices could keep up. However, the problem seems to lie in the way of acting that is subject to interpretation with frankly poor communication. Manzana Keep silent not because of incompetence, but explicitly so that users will see that the system is slowing down and choose to buy a new generation phone, instead of contributing to greater transparency.

So, what should I have done Manzana? It seems that he should have used the update to show pop-up messages to all affected users who would need to replace their battery instead of the device acting differently with the owner's ignorance. The apology of these days ago offers us some clues about the true intention of the brand. The statement suggests good intentions, but it is something that should not have happened.

Manzana He says he will never degrade the user experience to drive customer updates with new products, but he has not offered a logical explanation as to why he did what he did. We could accept a lack of communication skills as an excuse in small businesses or startup inexperienced but Manzana It is an organization on a global scale that should not be overlooked.

According to the program announced by the brand, Manzana reduce the price of battery replacement iPhone devices that are out of warranty with a discount of 50 dollars, so that anyone You can replace your iPhone 6 or higher for an estimated price of 29 euros, a program that begins at the end of January and that is available to everyone until December 2018.

However, many are those who have not taken long to throw voices on the air claiming for the possibility that they were replacements for free. After the events, there are also those that demand an extension of the terms of the warranty by extending it to 5 years. Needless to say, it has all those users who already proceeded to acquire a new model for the simple fact of having seen how the performance of their devices falls dramatically, when a simple replacement of the battery would have been sufficient.